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Are you carefully watching the development of your child's vision?

Eyes provide children with information that is crucial to their proper development. It is therefore important to detect possible problems or abnormalities in a timely manner so that the process of obedience to mental and physical skills is not disturbed.

How does vision grow

From birth to 4 months: Newborns can not easily recognize two points. They focus on objects 20 to 30 cm from their faces. During the first month, cooperation between eyes and hands develops in children. From the eighth week, it's easier to target a parent or other nearby person. Around the third month, children should begin to watch moving things.

5-8. Month:
Improves collaboration between vision and body movements. Around the fifth month, children are able to perceive a three-dimensional image. During the eighth month, they begin to climb four, thus further developing the cooperation of the eyes, the limbs and the whole body.

9.-12. Month: About 9 months the children themselves stand up, they start trying to walk in the year. It is quite good to judge the distance.

From 1 to 2 years of age:
Up to two years of age, the depth of space should be well developed for the child.

The first signs of difficulty seeing

Most babies are born with healthy eyesight. However, as the visual ability gradually begins to improve, problems may occur. Parents should be receptive to the signals they can report on complications. Is part of them:
Excessive tearing,
Red or bloody eyelid,
Permanent twisting of the eye ,
Increased sensitivity to light,
White glossy spot in the eye.

Parent in action

The role of adults is crucial in the proper development of the child's eyesight. If symptoms of vision problems are revealed, you should seek a specialist. This will perform the first examination of the eye, usually at the age of about 6 months. Parents should also help the child develop his vision. This is done by engaging a child in activities corresponding to his or her age. Here are some examples.
From birth to 4 months, it is advisable to keep the toys within reach of the child and to change the position of the bed and the child in it.
In the period 5-8. For months, hover the various objects over the crib to allow the child to pull, catch and dig into them. Let the child play and explore things on the floor.
Between the 9th and 12th months it is good to talk about objects and encourage the child to climb in four.
From 1 to 2 years it is essential to read and tell stories, but to entertain children like balls of various sizes and the like.

Although vision is not fully developed at birth, there is considerable improvement in the first few months of life. In case of any difficulty in seeing, it is essential to seek professional help immediately.

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