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What happens in the body after quitting smoking?

Some smokers claim that stopping smoking after a long time makes no sense. But that's a big mistake. The body has considerable self-cleaning ability. Just when you stop harming him.

How fast are the positive changes in the smoker's body after the last cigarette ticks? They start after twenty minutes, and with increasing time they are increasing. Say yourself how great and important they are:

20 minutes

Before you can make your favorite show, you'll be better off. Your heartbeat and blood pressure will return to normal, your feet and your hands will begin to bloody as they have.

8 hours

At that time, the level of nicotine and carbon monoxide in your blood dropped by half. This means that your cells finally get more oxygen. But you can also start feeling like you are missing cigarettes.

12 hours

Right now, you have a normal level of carbon monoxide in your blood - your heart , brain, muscles, and other organs have finally a satisfactory approach to oxygen.

24 hours

You already have a lower risk of heart attack than when you smoked.

48 hours

After two days of non-smoking, you will start to return smell and taste. Your lungs have begun to clean, so do not be surprised when you start coughing your mucus. The withdrawal symptoms may be relatively strong at this time. Anxiety, depression, dizziness, hunger, fatigue, headaches, ... All this is possible.

If you have asthma, it may worsen for a short time, but within three days you should get it.

3 days

Breakthrough moment when you clearly feel that you breathe better and have more energy. Your lungs have begun to heal.

2 weeks - 3 months

You are making tremendous progress at this time. Your lungs and blood circulation are getting better. Physical condition improves and cardiovascular risk decreases significantly. And you have the most difficult part of the cessation process.

3-9 months

Your lungs are significantly refined and allow you to breathe deeply and easily. Your defenses are improving and you have more energy.

1 year

Your cardiovascular risk has just halved.

5 years

The risk of stroke and cervical cancer (if you are a woman) is now the same as for non-smokers. Compared to the time you smoke, you have half the risk of oral cavity cancer, throat, esophagus and bladder cancer.

10 years

Compared to your non-smoking friends, you have a half risk of dying from lung cancer. The risk of larynx and pancreatic cancer was also significantly reduced.

15 years

Your cardiovascular risk is now the same as for those who have never smoked. Your body was fine. Congratulations !!!

Do not fight for yourself

At first, it may seem difficult, but life is not easy even when you smoke. And smoking can make him very busy and shorter. Stay, it's worth not to smoke. Find a specialist and do not worry. Life goes on without cigarettes.

Source: U lékař
Article author: MUDr. Tereza Kopecká

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