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What's waiting for me at the smoking cessation center?

Becoming non-smoker is a process that takes several months. Likewise, treatment at the center for tobacco addicts takes too long. Do you have the first visit date? Or are you still considering ordering?

It begins with an interview

The doctor with whom you will meet in the smoking cessation center will ask you a lot of questions during the first visit. Questions that can be heard during more than one hour of consultation can look like this:
Are you going to quit smoking for the first time?
How were previous attempts made?
Are you taking any medications permanently?
What does your work and family look like?

With the information gathered, the specialist will assess the degree of your dependence and suggest appropriate therapy. You will also talk about the motivation to quit smoking and the doctor will explain the principle of the treatment. It also recommends medication to ease withdrawal symptoms.

An examination will also take place

Part of the first visit is blood pressure control, weighing and measurement of carbon monoxide in exhaled air. Also consider functional lung examination (spirometry). Test how well your lungs can breathe and breathe. It may also happen to the lung x-rays. This is all about preparing for Day D, the moment you stop smoking.

Checks all year

Additional visits to the smoking cessation center take place after the cigarettes themselves and last for about half an hour. Overall, there are 8 in a year, but the number can adjust to your situation.
Your doctor will check your abstinence, or adjust your treatment to your current condition.
It will also concentrate on motivating you to endure the whole year without tobacco, and can claim to be a cured smoker.
The last visit is scheduled for 12 months from the day you stopped smoking.

Ask for a post!

Centers for treatment of tobacco addiction are available throughout the country, often within the pulmonary ward in the hospital. You can choose from four dozen places. For example, you can find a list of centers on the health insurance companies' websites, the nearest doctor will also be able to help you. In many cases, health insurance companies support and contribute to the treatment of tobacco dependence in varying amounts. It is a good idea to ask your health insurance company about the current conditions for drawing on these contributions - they can amount to several thousand crowns.

Article author: Mgr. Petra Kováčová
Source: U lékař

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