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At the summer camp only with vaccination against meningococci

If you have so far hesitated to vaccinate your children against meningococcal infections, the approaching camp departure or concentration is an ideal opportunity to protect yourself in the form of vaccination. Why can these holiday events be risky?

Many parents are aware of the dangers of meningococcal disease in adolescents - one of the most endangered groups is young people aged 15-20 years. But it is also important to protect children of school age properly. Vaccination against meningococci for the age group of 11-12 years is recommended, among other things, by the American Pediatric Academy.

Dangers are collective

Meningococcal infections spread through a droplet form, such as coughing or sneezing. Risks are large collectives, especially if they are in a closed space. Staying in such an environment will not prevent the children in almost any camp. Bacteria are often found in the nasopharynx of healthy people, who can distribute them as a bacilon. The risk is mainly:
Drinking more children from the same bottle,
Sharing cutlery or eating a single meal,
Great physical exertion
Even if you send the children to the camp already vaccinated, explain to them that food and drink should only be eaten by themselves . Likewise, they should always follow the planned rest in the camp program.

Vaccination protects against serious consequences

Meningococcus, a Neisseria meningitidis bacterium, can cause meningitis (pneumonia), pneumonia and sepsis, popularly referred to as blood poisoning. Up to 20% of cases leave meningococcal infections lasting. Vaccination that protects against meningococcus type A, C, W 135 and Y can prevent very unpleasant consequences. They may be in the form of neurological problems, heart disorder, or hearing and vision loss.

Be one step ahead

Meningococcal infections are spreading very rapidly in the body, so vaccination prevention is so important. In case of infection, the health condition may worsen within tens of minutes or several hours - immediate treatment is necessary. Thus, vaccinations will protect your children when they are away from home. And you will know that you have done everything you needed for their health.

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