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Holidays in the Trojan Botanical Garden? Boredom has no chance!

Do not know where to go out with children in the summer? In the Troja Botanical Garden you will not be bored! Do you know that your tree planted Spejbl and Hurvinek? Walk through the garden accompanied by well-known figures of the present and rare plants from the Roots of Personality Project. In July and August you can also discover the beauty of American nature from prickly cactuses and succulents to the colorful flowers of vast prairies. You will also learn about the plants that were grown by the Incas and the Mayans, as well as the originally American fruits you have on a plate a day.

Are you staying in Prague in the summer? Does not matter! Go to the Trojan Botanical Gardens, where you will find a flood of plants, mysterious creatures and fun for the whole family. " Summer is a time when the garden is full of life and it is definitely something to admire and discover. When planning the summer holiday program, we also thought of our smallest visitors. We have prepared a special Indian day for them in the summer, enjoying a lot of fun and learning about the life of North American and South American Indians, "said Bohumil Černý, head of the Botanical Gardens in Prague. M. Prague.

Indian day

Did you play the Indians in your childhood? So do not miss the Indians Day in the Troja Botanical Garden, which takes place on 22 July from 10:00 to 18:00. In the northern part of the complex there will be a rich program specially prepared for both small and large children, which entertains the ordinary family life of American Indians. Learn how they talked about how they hunted and what they ate at leisure. You will meet not only the nomadic tribes of North America, but also the inhabitants of the Inca and the Mayan realms. There will be no tasting of traditional Indian dishes based mainly on three main crops: corn, beans and pumpkins. Children's workshops are prepared to produce Indian-themed items. In the southern part of the garden, you can also practice Taiji in good weather. Not only this traditional Chinese art will introduce the Taiji Academy.

Taste America

Everyone is already in Mexico, but did you stay for a holiday in Prague? You do not have to travel overseas for US specialties this time. Just come to the American Food Day Botanic Garden, where you can get acquainted with selected goodies from North and South America. In addition to excellent food, you can also enjoy an accompanying program that will bring the culture of the American continent closer together. This special day will be enjoyed not only by families but by anyone who longs for a moment to transfer to exotic America. The event takes place on August 5 from 10:00 to 20:00 in the northern part of the garden area.

Summer with personalities and rare plants

Project Roots of Celebrities with Personality Path will guide you all year round not only to the botanical garden but will also present rare plants and important personalities of the present. The children will get acquainted with characters known from fairy tales: Spejbl and Hurvínek, Krteček and his author Zdeněk Miler . You can also get acquainted with many other important names: Madeleine Albright, Václav Havel, Jan Železný, Jiří Suchý, Karel Gott, Emil Zátopek and others. At the same time, you will meet the treasures of the plant kingdom: for example, with wollen magnificence, only recently discovered living fossils, or the most powerful tree on Earth - a huge sequel. For each plant you will find a sign with information about its origin and exceptionality, the biography of the personality who set it off, its signature and the photos from the planting. Take a fun stroll from the walk and look for the trees or plants according to the special map you pick up at the cash desk. During a mission, a dad or older siblings can use a cell phone to guide the family in search using the GPS coordinates listed on the map. Thanks to the Heroes of Personality Project, you will enjoy entertainment and enjoy the attractions of the world of art, culture, sports, politics and botany.

The garden is made for children's expeditions

Go to discover the mysterious inhabitants of the tropical jungle. For the whole summer, you can meet ceramic beetles, worms and other creatures from the workshop of Lužánky Leisure Center in Brno in the Fata Morgana greenhouse. Do not worry, do not scratch, bite, are not dangerous, just sleep, and children will approach the richness of life in the rainforest. The exhibition runs from 29 June to 13 August.
An extensive forest area is a place for children's exploration trips. Come to wake up the woods and let them play through unusual tools. The author of the special playground is Lukáš Gavlovský. And when you are tired of discovering the garden, let yourself be lullabied in one of the relaxation nets. Network slides in the shape of a butterfly or spider can be found in the area under the Stráň exhibition. Their author is Lenka Klodová.

Comfort with panoramic views of Prague for the whole family and for couples in love

Finish your walk by sitting on the terrace of St. Vincent's shop. Klara in the middle of the vineyard. Children get fruit juice and parents taste local great wines. St. Vincent's. Clara is one of the oldest and largest in Prague, with twenty thousand bottles each half a liter each year. The fact that the local production can compete with the wines from Moravia is evidenced by many awards and victories in national and international competitions. The local genius loci will also unveil a unique view of the Prague skyline. Enjoy a family day with a well-being in the Troja Botanical Garden.
Due to its romantic atmosphere, the vineyard is also ideal for couples in love. Enjoy the summer and come to experience your (not only) summer love.

Holidays in the botanical garden - in short:

On July 22, come to the Indians, and on August 5, your taste buds will be delighted with the American Cuisine Day. The garden is open daily from 9am to 8pm, the Fata Morgan Greenhouse daily, except Mondays from 9am to 6pm.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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