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Beware of miraculous boxes promising to save energy

Electricity would certainly save everyone. However, it is certainly not advisable to do so for any purpose to manipulate the meter or to make miraculous devices promising savings up to a few dozen percent per month. In the first case, you are exposed to the risk of black picking, in the second you are most likely to spend thousands on a broken product.

Online advertising of devices to help you reduce energy costs is unfortunately no news. "In 2013, we warned consumers of fraudulent advertising appealing to buy a product called Energy Saver Pro. Now there is a similar product on the market, this time called EKONOR, " says Lukáš Zelený, head of the legal department of the consumer organization dTest.

EKONOR promises potential users to save up to 50% on energy payments. The efficiency of this miraculous device is justified by "removing the reactive component from the grid, thereby reducing the voltage and consequently the electrical consumption." In addition, the manufacturer declares that the device has a beneficial effect on the health of its users.

An expert explanation of the physical process on which the device is supposed to work may confuse any layman. "Following our experience with Energy Saver Pro, we believe it is again fraud and deception of the consumer. That's why we decided to file a complaint with the Czech Trade Inspection, which has already investigated the circumstances of the sale of these miraculous energy boxes. Specifically, in the case of Energy Saver Pro, it has been found that the device does not consume any energy but on the contrary it consumes it itself, " says Lukas Zeleny, adding: " We definitely do not recommend this device to buy. "

If you want to save energy, EKONOR will probably not help you. To reduce your monthly energy supply costs, then look for suppliers with the lowest prices on the market and replace the current one. However, it is important to keep an eye on how long you have a contract currently in existence and when you can terminate it . When you terminate the contract prematurely, you will pay a heavy financial penalty to the contractor.

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