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Before you go on vacation or the real necessity to travel ...

Summer and vacation, relax and deserved holiday is finally here! You have chosen the most unsuitable destination and the day of departure or departure is approaching. Perhaps a thousand times you have checked that you have packed everything from hygienic needs, cosmetics, to the most demanding clothes, to your favorite baby toys, sandbags; And, of course, sunscreen, camera card or mobile charger ... There's nothing to prevent you from enjoying your vacation.

Yet, just as we move away from home, we realize how many "necessary" things are suddenly missing. So we bring you a small list that you should not miss on vacation under any circumstances, whether you are going to an exotic destination, choosing to travel in Europe, spending time with hiking and mountain climbing or discovering the beauties of our country or going to Lipno or Tide.

Your travel case should definitely be the place for a well-equipped first aid kit or a box of first aid or last resort. Need for sunblocks, body lotions or moisturizing care products at all times, but what about the less common and obvious things we should not miss? Perhaps many of you have not even attacked ...

8 important little things that you (not) attach importance to ...

The absolute summer necessity that we forget in many cases. Whether you brush your feet from unsuitable shoes or cross the hiking trail and your shoes are signed on your feet, or you just fall unhappily and injure your knees or hands. The state may simply be in the most unexpected moment, so the patch in the summer vacation trunk should always have a firm place. The ideal choice is to choose a soft cushion, which will also treat the wound.

Pocket knife
You may say that you will not need a pocket knife for the holiday you want to spend with the children in the tourist resort, but you will not even lose it. Just buy some fruit or vegetables that you need to peel and cut, you'll want to get into a bag of nuts that you do not open your own power, or buy a bottle with a metal lid and find that you do not have an opener at hand. If you go for hiking in nature or mountains, the pocket knife should be one of the first things to pack.

Wire or lighter
Even if you do not belong among smokers, you will definitely not lose matches or lighter. This is especially true for holidays when you decide to travel, enjoy moments in nature, whether hiking or cycling. Making a campfire for toasting sausages or just sitting with friends without them will simply not work.

You should not forget about the small coins, of course in the currency of the destination where you are going. For example, they come to pay for a public toilet, but in the event of an emergency it also serves as an improvised screwdriver to allow thread or quick repair such as battery replacement.

Even if you're not just in the jungle, you should make a space for a twig string in your suitcase. Whether you need to hang wet swimsuits and find out that there is no cord at the hotel and you do not want to leave them on the balcony, just like you can become an improvised "" shoe lace or trouser band or a great help in building a tent or The luggage to the bicycle.

Medicines and chewing gum against nausea
A necessary part, wherever you go anywhere, should also be preparations to help you out of your nausea or calm your stomach upset, for example due to an inappropriate meal or dish that just did not eat. If you do not want to cling to chemical preparations, you can help with white coals (CitroCarb White) that will give you first aid and can alleviate digestive problems and help with feeling of a heavy stomach. Especially if you go out of Europe to exotic, when our Central European microflora is not prepared for local dietary conditions, you should not miss such a helper. And if you are traveling with children, it is advisable to choose special chewing gums for nausea and vomiting (for example, toys) to ensure a comfortable journey, as a guarantee for a trip to the car, plane, train or bus.

Safety pin
Needless to imagine. Another necessity, which never fails. Perhaps such cracked seams on a travel bag, torn clothing, or just putting the rubber in your pants. In all these cases the switch pin will help.

Buttons, needle and thread
And forgetting we would not even have a knot on the tip of an accident, for example in trousers or blouses in the most inappropriate place. In that case, the button will literally be the first aid for us. Together with him, however, we should not forget to pack a needle and thread so that we can immediately sew it, and that is true for the gentlemen! If we do not have a needle or thread, or we can not handle this manual job, it should be a switch pin as a provisional option.

Are you really wrapped up now? Do not forget even these seemingly unnecessary things, whether you can enjoy the holiday with all the experiences that belong to it and not just solve the unfortunate minor accidents.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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