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Festival Hrady CZ starts. With Arakain, Lucie Bila and Richard Müller.

Festival Hrady CZ starts. With Arakain, Lucie Bila and Richard Müller. The Hrady CZ Music Festival will start on Friday and Saturday 14th and 15th of July at Točník Castle. Friday's program offers Richard Müller's concerts, Horkýže Slíže's bands, Visiting Chateau, Scouts and other artists on Saturday, fans of the summer castle tour can enjoy for the first time Arakain with Luci Bila, Mig 21 or Tomas Klus, who performs at the Castles in Summer Entirely exclusive.

On Friday, the arena will open at 16 o'clock and on two stages the sixteenth will also feature Vladimir 518, Smrtislav and Rybičky 48 . To miss a favorite castle carnival with the best masks announced, everyone who comes in the mask gets a gift. After a long twelve years, Richard Müller will be present at the Castles CZ festival, which opened the first year of the festival in 2005.

On Saturday, the festival opens its gate at mid-eleven in the morning and the program breaks out at half past twelve. Historically for the first time at the festival, Arakain and Luci Bila will perform. "I'm looking forward to the concert with Arakaina, my heart and the first music love, and I believe that our performances will have an amazing atmosphere in Hrady," says Lucie Bílá. On Saturday, the band will sing Mandrage, No Name, Wohnout, performers Anna K., Xindl X or Majk Spirit + H16.

The National Heritage Institute is also a partner of the festival, which can be seen by Portless, Sto Animal, Plexis and The Agony. Thus, the Festival Ticket again includes free access to sightseeing tours of individual monuments. Visitors can also take part in the summer photo competition with the Hrady CZ festival, just take a photo of the festival from the mobile or a compact photo, the jury then selects four winners.

All information can be found on the website of the festival .

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