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Puppets in the hospital: Fairy-tale medicine for the journey and for the second time

Puppets in the hospital released the third CD. Fairytale Medicine II brings almost 80 minutes of stories filled with original songs and 24 games for a long time. With the individual fairytales that are part of this album, children meet in the form of puppet theatrical performances as long as the members of the ensemble visit the medical facility directly at their hospital bed.

Fairytale Medicine II - Six fairy tales and lots of fun


It is the actors and musicians who regularly attend the hospitalized children, six fairy tales. The audiobook consists of classical fairy tales (About a Hare and a Fox), dramatic fairy tales by Raymond Briggs Snowman, and original short stories by Marka Míková (Four Friends, About Tonight, Tonight, About a Stinking Squid, About Emil).

Loutek's members at the hospital invented (sometimes even in the studio) some fairy tales and fuzzy sounds in their fairy tales. And there is something to look forward to. Some of them act in Bands of Nail Nails, Original Bureš, Mantaban, Irritating Pride, or are known as solo singers such as Krystyna Skalická . "Our latest CD brings fairy tales that we usually play as intimate stories right at the crib. Sometimes only two actors, a few puppets, musical instruments, and a small audience under the blanket. When recording, we enjoyed a lot of fun and we hope you enjoy it, too ", invites Marek Míková, CD director.

Playful roulette - just be together here and now

The CD is also a Playful Roulette. It contains a set of games that you can easily play without any complicated aids with a child tied to a hospital bed. However, it is great for audiophiles, even in the holiday season, whether you are traveling by train or car, or when it happens to happen outdoors. 24 games with many fun variations represent another hours of fun that you can experience with children.

"The game is part of our life. We do not have to perceive the rules, and yet we play. At the hospital, we enter Puppets into a very serious and clearly described game. Participants are sick children, their relatives, doctors and health workers. The treatment is also long, associated not only with pain, but also with boredom, waiting, nervous complaints. But the child needs his child's play, his world and the hospital. Let's try to get out of the role of a parent for a moment, figuratively fitting a baby slipper and playing with the kids. Create around the bed the bubble of the child's world, a playground where it is possible and impossible, "says Mgr. Hanka Repová, psychotherapist, musician and member of the Puppet Association at the hospital.

"Playing games on the bed can greatly help for a while to stop the flow of heavy thoughts and concerns about what's going to happen when, and for a moment, the baby to leave the hospital world. Just for just a moment to be together now and here, "she
adds to the new CD.

You can listen even if you do not have a CD player

After the album of Good Medicine and four fairy tales by well-known Czech actors on the Fairy Tales album, the third disc was created, which will be distributed to Puppies in the hospital free of charge during their expeditions to sick children in Bohemia and Moravia. The CD therefore again contains an address for online listening because the mobile or tablet has almost every kid in the hospital today. "If you decide to buy a CD, you will also support our work in hospitals and clinics," he said in advance to those who decided to buy, Jakub Matějka, CD manager and Loutka's hospital at the hospital.

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