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Summer for punishment? Tips for effective cooling both at home and outside

Does hot summer make you wrinkles on your forehead? Actually, overheating can aggravate the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. How do you always stay cool?

The sun and the glowing sun rays are most likely to be scared by most individuals with multiple sclerosis. (Note editors: and not just them ..) You do not have to panic. Even if you are experiencing your first summer with multiple sclerosis, stay calm. Can you do it.

How to cool off at home

Staying home when it's hot is a basic thing. Every apartment is not suitable for hot days, but you still have the best chance at home to cool down.
You can walk (almost) naked.
Whenever you can shower, take cold drinks and food or ice from the refrigerator .
If you have a home fan or even air conditioning, it is a great advantage . Do not you have? And did you ever try to lie down with your bare back on the pavement? It'll be cold in a minute! And this is also an important warning: do not refresh yourself too much . Cooling in the heat is easy and is as unpleasant as in winter.

How to cool out

If you can, go outside when it's not hot. That means in the morning before ten o'clock and afternoon to the fourth, or rather, after six o'clock.
Try to keep in the shade (trees or home).
If you live in the city, you can pick up the route in advance so you can cool somewhere - like in an air-conditioned store.
Buy a stylish, light and well-sealing thermos, put cold water or tea in it and refresh yourself as you like.
There are various cooling accessories on the market , such as scarves , but do not underestimate even the simplest means such as a cloth hat dipped in cold water .
When dressing, pay less for style and comfort. Free dresses made of natural materials show better service than jeans.

And what if you really overheat and you start to feel unpleasant symptoms such as visual impairment? Go to the shrink, you can take a shower with lukewarm or cold water, then sit down or lie down and put a cool damp cloth over your neck or face - how pleasant you are. Within a few hours, you should feel better.

Source: Ereska

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