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What speeds your heart: joy or stress?

The moment when our heart breaks down may be beautiful, but also cause health problems. Then every advice is dear. Do you know how to calm the mind and heart and get back to normal?

The autonomic nervous system, without our consciousness, controls the life processes in the body and the speed of heart work is one way of showing its current activity. It depends on a number of factors, including mental states of all kinds.

Heart work slows down during depression or boredom, and accelerates when we feel joy, excitement, tension, fear or anger. The purpose of this link is to enable the body to deal with stressful situations, and to save forces at a time when nothing significant is happening.

When scientists investigated how specific feelings affect the human heart , they find that anger has an incomparably greater impact than any other emotion, both on heart rate and on blood pressure . However, joy and fear also have a significant impact.

Cool and quiet without tobacco

When our hearts start to thrill with excitement or joy, it can be enjoyable too. Those of us who are blushing are afraid that their emotional excitement will overlook the others, which may be undesirable.

The tension is rare, perhaps only when watching a movie. For artists who suffer from a scar, the heart rate may be as disturbing as a student who is awaiting an important test. Both need to calm down and concentrate.

For example, they can help:
Deep breathing,
Rinsing your face with cold water.

If we know that heart palpitations are a problem, we can prepare ourselves in difficult situations, for example by forgiving coffee and cigarettes.

70 - the number you remember

But when heart work is accelerating for a long time, it is a signal that something is wrong. It is usually a bad lifestyle, and therefore:
Little movement,
lack of sleep.

Here no deep breathing will help, a fundamental change is necessary. There is a marked increase in the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Where is the limit of unhealthy pulse acceleration? When you wake up in the morning and have a heart rate higher than 70 per minute, you should see a doctor and talk to him. In addition to specific recommendations for a healthy lifestyle, you can also prescribe medications that relieve your heart, slow down your work, and mitigate the risks.

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