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KRNAP: Input limitation due to blueberries collectors begins to apply

This year's 17th KRNAP Administration has restricted the entrance to certain areas of the Krkonoše National Park due to nature protection. The main reason for the measure is to prevent devastation of Giant Mountains in connection with the massive harvesting of blueberries. Tourists walking down the hiking trails practically will not touch. The staff of the KRNAP Administration will mark the affected sites directly in the field. Measures of a general nature will begin to apply on July 20th.

The reason KRNAP is leading this step is the intense harvesting of blueberries in valuable locations. Blueberry cranberry stands are devastated by incessant collection. This reduces the food base for seed-borne birds and mammals. Due to the excessive attendance of nature-valuable areas, the locality of occurrence of specially protected plant species is damaged. Another reason is the disturbance of wildlife, especially at the time of adventures on the localities near the wintering estates and in the times of the estuary. Part of the territory is located in the first zone of KRNAP, in which from 1 June 2017 the regime of the resting area, ie. Banning entry outside marked paths and cycle paths.

Measures of a general nature on limitation of admission due to nature protection were dispatched at the time of the hearing and announcement to the municipalities and municipalities whose administrative districts are covered by the regulation. Attachment of the measure is a map and a verbal description of the boundaries of restricted areas. From these appendices, you can see in which specific locations the entry is limited. These are, for example, the surroundings of Vosecká bouda, Lysá hora and Kotle, the spring of the Elbe, the surroundings of Luční hora and the Silver ridge, Lišice Mountain and Studniční hory, Obří důl, Sněžka, Lví důl, Lesní, Dlouhý and Pomezní hřeben nad Malou Úpou, Dvorský les , Near Černá hora and Světlá. The text of measures of a general nature and annexes can also be found at .

Based on the experience of the past years, it can be stated that the Czech public has become accustomed to this limitation and mostly respects them. The biggest problems, however, were by foreign "professional" collectors, who carried out raids on areas especially near the state border. Physical persons who do not respect this measure are liable to a fine of up to CZK 10,000 and forfeiture of a device that they often use when committing a misdemeanor - a blueberry comb on blueberries.

Measures of a general nature will be valid from July 20 to October 15, 2017.
In the field, the territory with limited entry will be marked with information signs in Czech, Polish and German.

Source: tz, KRNAP

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