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Sexual preferences in the Czech Republic: fetishism and voyeurism are no exception

Sexual preferences in the Czech Republic: fetishism and voyeurism are no exception In the nationwide research of sexual preferences for 2016, many Czechs have confessed to experiences with sexual behavior associated with fetishism, voyeurism and exhibitionism. These three deviations are more prevalent among men. The Czechs have the most experience with exhibicionism (43%) and voyeurism (36%). Women, on the other hand, exhibit the tendencies in the least (6%) and predominate voyeurism (19%).

More than two-fifths of Czech men have at least once in their life tested the role of a sexual exhibitionist , while one fifth of Czech women have played at least once in voyeur . This stems from a nationwide research of sexual preferences, which focused on unusual sexual preferences among Czech men and women.

The latest research results have revealed a relatively high number of men and women who admit an experience of sexual behavior associated with fetishism, voyeurism and exhibitionism . "People are freer today, they are not afraid to talk about their sexual behavior and the different practices they normally run. Some of these practices should also be treated as sex variants, not as undesirable pathological phenomena, " comments Adam Durčák (Pink

Sexual fetishism is characterized as an erotic focus on certain types of items, such as underwear or shoes, or certain parts of the human body, such as legs or breasts. "The milder form of fetishism, for example, when sexy lingerie or preferential bodily elements of a partner enliven sex life, is a common phenomenon. Clinical diagnosis is only considered if sexual excitement and satisfaction is fundamentally conditioned by a given stimulus, or when it replaces an interaction with a partner, " explains Adam Durčák. According to the survey, at least once in the life of fetishism, 28.2% of Czech men and 13.3% of women were given up.

Out of the three named areas, most domestic women - 19.9% ​​- admitted to voyeurism , a sexual offense in which people experience their own excitement by watching the intimate behavior of other people. Exhibitionism , that is to say the public exposure of sexually exposed body parts, was tested at least once by about 6% of women. According to the survey, voyeuristic and exhibitionist sexual behaviors are more widespread among men.

More than a third of men (36.8%) admitted to voyeurism, more than two-fifths (43.5%) acceded to Exhibitionism. While women are the least inclined to public exposure, men are most active in this area.

The national research of sexual preferences, which was attended by experts from Charles University and the National Institute of Mental Health, was carried out in 2016 on a representative sample of 5,023 Czech men and 5021 women. Data collection was carried out by the STEM / MARKT socio-demographic agency.

Source. Tz, edited editorially

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