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Can you cook well for a little money?

A healthy and varied diet is important at all ages. Older people, however, often say that such a diet is costly and inaccessible to them. That's why we bring practical tips (not just for seniors), how to combine a good kitchen with the smallest burden for a personal or family budget.

One of the pillars of financially less demanding meals is home cooking instead of regular visits to restaurants and canteens. In addition to saving money, you will know exactly what raw materials you have used to prepare the food.

Health on a plate

Do not be afraid to include basic foods such as lentils, beans, rice or pasta in your diet. These ingredients can be cooked quickly, colorfully and healthy. Acquisition costs are lower than the price of the frozen potato fries package. For home-cooked cooking, you can also take care of flavoring meals with handmade herbs. You do not have to rely solely on salt, which is the main flavor in the catering facilities. Reduced salt intake will be appreciated primarily by your heart and blood vessels.

Snack fast and inexpensive

You will benefit your health and wallet if you avoid buying snacks in the form of different chocolate bars, biscuits and long pastry. Sweet overdose can be easily replaced with fruit or oatmeal, which you can taste with honey or cocoa. In addition to good meals, you will give the body a dose of fiber that helps regulate blood cholesterol levels. You will also add the necessary iron, calcium and many vitamins. The cost of such a snack is in units of crowns.

Think ahead

How to make home cooking the most economical?
Use seasonal foods. They will always go cheaper than, for example, typically summer vegetables imported in the middle of winter from another continent.
Do not confuse home cooking just by heating pre-cooked food from a supermarket.
At the cost of one serving, you can make more meals at home. Additionally, semi-products often contain large amounts of salt and preservatives.
Plan to avoid unnecessary accumulation of unused raw materials at home.
When cooking, prepare more than one serving . You can put them in a freezer and have a full meal prepared for the next few days.

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