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An extraordinary performance with Jan Tříska returns to the Castle

A tribute to Shakespeare was to be a one-time celebration of the legendary dramatist's remarkable anniversary last year. However, the unique performance of the Summer Shakespeare Celebrations met with such an extraordinary response from both audiences and critics that the organizers decided to make it this year. For six nights, actor Jan Tříska and translator of Shakespeare's work, Martin Hilski, will once again be his stars.

Tribute to a new place

The above-mentioned performance, which will be connected to the Prague Castle on the premiere Hamlet and Sen noci svatojánské, will be presented in the new romantic environment of the Royal Garden in the area before Míčovna due to the long-term reconstruction of the Supreme Burgrave.
In the Tribute to Shakespeare, the translator, Martin Hilves , who personally accompanies the evening, managed to compile an interesting, fun and spectually attractive compositional program. The program combines humorous and more serious dialogues and sonnets with the performance of popular actors led by Jan Tříska . Everything enriches live music and singing.

Chickens: Sonnets waked me up at night

The fact that the program of the Summer Shakespeare Festivities at the Castle remained despite the reconstruction remained actor Jan Tříska. At the same time, he does not spare the praise of a colleague and Martin Hilli's guide. "Professor Martin Hilski discovered Shakespeare's sonnets for me. I scrambled them from the handwritten drawers in the pockets of the shorts during my morning run. Their form requires inaccurate precision. At night I woke up, I did not know how to get up, I got up and searched for computer poems. I said to myself, "You wanderer, you only teach them how much Martin Hilsky had to sleep a night after he had translated one hundred and fifty-four!"

The three-eyed evening will be replaced by the Honor

Comedy Evening Three-Kings or Anything You Want to Open the First August Night The Second Prague Stage of Celebration - Courtyard of the Beautiful Baroque Liechtenstein Palace - HAMU at Malostranské Square. Even the environs of the palace will contribute to the unique experience of the production, which is the program of the Celebration for the second year. The three-eyed Evening comedy has made the audience enthusiastic not only because of the humorous dialogues and gag, but also thanks to the cast of the star: Marie Doležalová, Nela Boudová, Monika Timková, Václav Kopta, Milan Šteindler, Josef Carda, Tomáš Měcháček, Martin Pechlát and Petr Stach .

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