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Czech employees are afraid of changes in companies

Increasing pressure on work results, frequent changes and unexpected situations at work are part of professional life. Although most of Czechs are satisfied with their job, they usually do not face changes in the company. New methods and approaches, modern technology or company development create pressure on employees to be even faster, more flexible, more productive. However, according to the findings of the education company MgC Group, Czechs are miserable with the changes and can not orient themselves in new situations.

Changes are an integral part of every company's life. Without them, the company would not move forward and stagnate. However, turnover in strategy or company development raises panic in Czech employees. They are often afraid not only of changes, but also of their own failure. They are afraid of what impact they will have on them or how they can handle new things.

Today's dynamic time means a great deal of change and emphasis on their speed, which means that management has to address this issue more and more often. "There is a need to manage change that affects a larger number of employees or the basic processes of the company. It is necessary to define why we need change, what we want to achieve change and what our vision is. Then it is important to get allies - how to change the co-workers. And this is only a timely and clear communication tailored to individual groups of employees or individuals. And they must also communicate with those not directly concerned, " says Martina Jandeck of MgC.

"In the worst case scenario, 70 percent of employees feel dismissed, change in management or sales . But they also have concerns about the rapid development of the company, when they have to step out of their comfort zone at once and start learning new things. More than 50 percent of the older generation's employees feel that the demands are large and do not know or do not want to adapt. On the contrary, changes are best adapted to younger generations. She welcomes the new challenges, "
explains Martin Jandečková.

According to MgC, however, employees need to understand that taking on the tried and tested is not the only solution. Only then are they able to accept the change. It is important to believe and to use your abilities. These are the first two steps to success for anyone who wants to go through the changes in the company. Employees must realize that some knowledge and experience can only be gained by experiencing them.

Today is a "state of constant change" and only through clear communication between company and employee can changes be understood. Helping common sense can be used to manage them. And although the change happens unexpectedly, according to Martin Jandečková, it is not necessary to fall into panic.

"Of course, everyone experiences an occasional failure during their career. But if he has the space to prepare for them, he will better deal with them and it will not be frustrating for him. The whole process is about communication, trust between the company and the employee, " says Matej Bugar of Škoda Auto. "A good employer focuses on change, determines the priorities of his short and long-term strategies and is sufficiently dedicated to personnel work," adds Matej Bugar.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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