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How to "survive" the journey in summer heat

Brand Ideal? Drive barefoot or in flip-flops, half-body, with a fan in hand, and a cool-ice box full of ice cream instead of the front passenger's front passenger seat. If you imagine summer travel, then you know that you have said about the fine several times, not to mention the big consequences in the event of a crash. So?

Riding barefoot or in flip-flops?

Let's start with what you're doing. Of course, a regular driver does not forbid any law or regulation to wear flip-flops. This does not apply to professional drivers of trucks or buses covered by occupational safety regulations, including mandatory wear and fitting sections on working clothes. Or, their specific requirements, including the need for firm footwear, lay down company regulations. And UAMK experts immediately add that this should be the same for ordinary drivers.

Swollen legs and flip flops with loose rubber straps that stretch out flexibly and then not hold on to the leg is a good chance that the leg in the flipper slides out of the brake pedal for the least suitable time, and the crash is here. So the UAMK - even solid boots are now available in a variety of breathable materials with holes, as well as shoes with outsole vents. You get to drive and have your flippers down near the water. According to Romana Budsky of the Road Safety Team, it may not be a bad solution to carry the older one in the luggage compartment permanently, for the usual wearing it is aesthetically not very suitable, the holes with holes. It is used for safe driving not only in the summer, but also during long-distance rides in the winter.

Despite the heat: Close the windows

We mean not just driving. Hot air, when you open the window, automatically and for a relatively long time changes the air conditioner to an acceptable temperature. It is important to remember that the difference between the outside and the internal temperature during the summer summers should not be too pronounced . Just as the seemingly pleasant low temperature in the car is not suitable for the body. So the acceptable temperature for driving is between 18 and 22 degrees. Not less. There is a risk of tearing, soothing, and the like. Also be aware of the permanently open windows when driving in hot weather. According to Budley of the Road Safety Team, the cool air flowing through the vehicle cabin will lead to a sense of thermal comfort, but for many individuals it can be a reliable route to acute inflammation of the cavities, middle ear or ocular conjunctiva, there is a risk of severe neck or angina pain.

Fine for open windows and parking doors!

In Germany, for example, there is a fine for having windows open, or even a car door for parking . Under German law, such behavior means that you have not secured property (even your own) against unauthorized use by a foreign person. The fine is 15 euros. Exception is the short-term stop or the roof of the cabriolet. The Road Safety Team adds that even in our homeland, the Road Traffic Act stipulates that a driver who intends to leave the vehicle so as not to be able to intervene immediately if necessary must do everything in his power to prevent his vehicle from being unlawfully Used by someone else.

Use appropriate sunglasses

Maybe we do not realize it in normal use, but by far not all sunglasses are suitable for summer travel in the car. Too dark glasses of glasses, as well as a color filter on them, can be fooling the driver when they are watching the traffic lights or the lights of a car driving in front of them, even distorting the perception of traffic signs, especially horizontal.

Black foil on glass = often fine

To protect the interior of the car from the sun, of course, it is possible to use the dark foil on the windows. But everyone should know that it is allowed to use the foil only on the rear windows . For example, in Germany a fine of 90 euros (2,350 crowns) and the award of one penalty point, in France, 135 euros (3,500 crowns) and in our block of 2,000, in the administrative proceedings up to 2 500 crowns. As they say - this way definitely does not lead the way.

However, there is a certain chance of, for example, protecting children at least in part from the glowing sun. This is the side pull out curtains of the rear windows . But these can only be part of the extra equipment. The other option is for the glass sucker. Fixed safety sun screens on the rear side windows do not prohibit the regulations.

Do you have a fan on the dashboard?

If it comes to you, you can at least feel a bit of a feel-good atmosphere in the car by ensuring a greater air flow, know that there is one "but" here. And if you use the extra fan. One that fits into the power supply of the lighter and is only placed on the dashboard or on the windshield suction cup is inappropriate. Not permitted under the regulations if it restricts the driver's view of his field of vision. And unsuitable if it is not fixed to the dashboard. This is because in an accident it becomes an object flying inside the cabin and capable of injuring the crew .

In the bikini behind the wheel?

Briefly, it's allowed. Only if the clothes or nudity could cause a general offense, the police can intervene. However, there are also countries in Europe, such as Montenegro, where driving behind a wheel with a bare upper body is forbidden . Regardless of whether she is a woman or a man. There's another reason why they should not ride in bikinis or swimsuits, namely the fact that the activation of safety belts on bare skin generates so-called friction heat, which can cause quite serious burns . Not to mention a crash when unprotected skin will be affected by shards, metal, and the like. So bikini is better to show off on the beach.

Source: tz, ÚAMK in cooperation with the Road Safety Team
Editorial edited.

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