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Go out for vitamin D. How much time in the sun is needed?

Vitamin D is often a topic of concern with multiple sclerosis. Does it affect the development of the disease or not? And how much should patients be exposed to sunlight, the main source of this vitamin?

Canadian experts confirm that there is a link between low vitamin D levels and susceptibility to multiple sclerosis outbreaks. In patients who are already treated with this disease, the deficiency of this vitamin is associated with relapses and worse mobility. Some neurologists, therefore, patients with multiple sclerosis recommend the use of dietary supplements of up to 4,000 IU (international units) per day. This corresponds to approximately 100 micrograms.

Ideal source: the sun

The most important and natural source of vitamin D is sunlight. If the sun will shine on your face and arms about 20 minutes a day every third day, your body will receive enough of this important substance. The good news is that there is no need for long-term intense sunbathing to get a "déce". This would increase the risk of skin cancer, not to mention the worse heat tolerance in patients with multiple sclerosis.

It strengthens body and spirit

Although vitamin D is relatively easy to access due to the sun, it is often in the shade of vitamin C or B for the body.
They participate in the proper functioning of immunity, which is very important for multiple sclerosis.
It has a positive influence on the condition of the bones and prevents their thinning.
Its deficiency is associated with the development of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
Helps maintain good mood and improves mental fitness.

In the months when sunlight is not as much as in the summer, your body takes vitamin D from its supplies. Regardless of the season, you can supplement it with other natural resources such as fatty fish, yeast or eggs.

Do you know how you are?

If you want an overview of vitamin D in your body, you can get your blood level. Ideally, an amount above 75 nmol / l is considered. As statistics show that more than half of adults have deficiency, use the current one-year period to pump up their stock in the most natural way - staying in the sun.

Source: Ereska

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