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The three-crown evening will open the second Summer Scene in Prague

Comedy Evening three-kings or Anywhere you want to get the heart of the audience after last year's premiere, now returns to the Summer Shakespeare Festival. From August 1, it will be presented in the picturesque surroundings of the Liechtenstein Palace in the upper part of Prague's Lesser Town Square. It will be again in an attractive cast with Marie Dolezalova, Tomáš Měcháček, Nelou Boudová, Václav Kopta, Milan Šteindler, Monika Timková, Josef Carda, Martin Pechlát, Ondřej Rychlý and Petr Stach.

Hillian: Shakespeare's game was written at the top of the power

The three-eyed evening is Shakespeare's festive comedy. "He wrote it probably in 1601, about the time he wrote Hamlet and was at the top of his creative power. Three-kings evening was a comedy connected with celebrations, a festive "overturned" world typical of medieval and renaissance fools, " explains Shakespeare's translator Martin Hilski.

A game full of fools and spooky pieces

Yes, those comedies are scowling. The eccentric and elitist Orsino, overwhelmed by music and her feelings, in love with a similarly self-centered beauty of Olivia, and between them Viola, a trampled-up man who longs for Orsine, and is the object of Olivius's blind desire. Eternally jolly Tobias Ryal pulls money from Ondřej Trasořik and promises his niece Olivia. With the maid of mace and the fool of the profession called Feste, they make funny and pretty cruel traps on the complacent Malvolia, who, like everyone else, has succumbed to the false promise of love ...

Call for Maria Dolezalova

Actress Marie Dolezal took the role of Olivia. "It's a new kind of character for me, I feel like I've never played anybody like that. Actually, I always play exactly the opposite of Olivia. She is proud, dignified, confident, but also a typical woman: she does not get what she wants and is hysterical, "she says .

Imagine a boat or a villa - whatever you want

"The game takes place by the sea and the sea reaches quite a lot in the fate of the characters - Viola thinks the sea has stolen her brother, the same as her twin brother Sebastian thinks of her. And Orsino right from the start likes love for the "sea that will eat it all". So I asked stage designer Martin Chocholoušek to create a boat, or a luxury yacht, where the party of the solemn company is just starting out and where something happens. Interestingly, Martin thinks he's made a villa, I turn that boat, and we're both right. But let's leave it to the audience. After all, Professor Hillius often talks about Shakespeare's effective imagination, " explains Jan Kališ's creative intentions.

Petr Stach as a clever jester

The chaos is charmingly played by Petr Stach, who demonstrates his artistic versatility in Evening Trikral. "I play the ukulele and the record flute there. I'm accompanied by a song on the ukulele, and the flute is such a cognitive sign of his profession, " says an actor who can also play the saxophone and the flute.

Director: Undulating cheerfulness and poetry

The title and director Jana Kališová chose herself. "I never used a three-kings night, and I think I really like it from Shakespeare's comedies. Although I love the comedy Love of Love too, I try to make her vocabulary, and I swear by the river of words. Brilliant work with the tongue (and not only her) has, in fact, a three-eyed Evening with this common comedy in common. I like a melange of unbridled joy, melancholy and poetry, " says Jana Kališová.

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