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Weekly Horoscope Jul 31 to Aug 6, 2017

Weekly Horoscope Jul 31 to Aug 6, 2017 Yesterday is not going back. But you still have enough options to let your tomorrow flourish. And perhaps not only yours. Little advice: do not push anyone into anything, keep your patience ..

Week: 31. 7. 2017 - 6. 8. 2017

Aries (21.3.-20.4.)
Dear Lambs, you should stop putting your head in the sand before the problem, which in fact is not a big problem. Once you have convinced yourself that this is actually a challenge that you can handle when you feel good, the "problem" as such will essentially disappear. In other words, your passivity and the unnecessary worry is a hitch. In finance, it is necessary to set priorities, if you do not want to slap very soon at the bottom. Your spending tends to exceed revenue; Beware of it! .. In private, any obstacle will be resolved to your advantage because you are going to help with higher strength. Those forces that need to show where to put, or your activity .. ;-)

Taurus (21.4.-20.5.)
Dear Bulls, the days should go smoothly, harmoniously, nothing should make you baffle, neither of you .. ;-) Reassess the system of managing your finances. This will help you to prosper. Do you know that you normally spend? Put the order in your home. Something like an old good envelope system. Get started! You start to have a slightly benevolent approach to work. You are doing your duties, but sometimes it's the last moment. Is it necessary? .. In the personal sphere you will pay for laziness and reluctance in essence to anything. It is your duty to add that high temperatures are an acceptable apology. But if you're serious about it, then forget about comfort! "Hic-nehic." And follow the drinking regime! Low water means especially a direct way for you to collapse. Think of it ..

Gemini (21.5.-21.6.)
Dear Gemini, you engage in a network of your own negative thoughts, and make sure you get the trouble where there are none. They are not! And do not argue. You are ahead of the situation, but in a completely "stupid" direction. Use logic! .. A little mischief can appear in the material sphere, but nothing fatal will really be. Just once again learn that reliability is ideal only in relation to yourself. In private, on the contrary, you can look forward to something new, perhaps to a message that should clarify a situation for you, both important and important. You should make sure that anything that comes to you now is of benefit to you personally. Do not be fooled by novotám .. ;-)

Rak (22.6.-22.7.)
Dear Racecourse, you could get into some emotional chaos that will be caused by your lack of communication. Do not be afraid to express what you really feel in the current situation. And emotionally blackmail you definitely fight! .. In the business sphere you should compare what you have, what you have for your natural disposition. It turns out that many of you are underestimated! Take a look at where your real potential could be used. Such a search does not cost anything, but it can bring a lot. Believe me! .. There is not much to deal with in private, here is the love in the first place. And if you are waiting for these days with your partner, then it will belong to those unforgettable.

Lion (23.7-23.8.)
Dear Lioness, whatever happens, be assured that you are doing it for the sake of it, because you have taken the Happy Star under your protective wings, so Heaven protects you and all the angels keep you in the guard. It would be ideal to take a vacation . In these hot summer days you just have to sunbathe at the private pool. Otherwise you are totally lazy under the influence of heavy air. Besides, you do not want to repay your claims, and you should, however, fix it quickly! :-P .. Remember in one's personal life: be yourself, think for yourself, not for another. Decide according to your head - but you are smart enough. And nice too, of course ..

Virgo (24.8.-23.9.)
Dear Dolls, it is more than important for you to explain everything thoroughly, perhaps three times, if you are really clear about it! You can enjoy a lot of joy, but you need to give some small advice. The financial council is that there is no time for any relaxation and perhaps lounging. You need to be seen if you are to celebrate success. Otherwise, someone will overtake you. Which is also true of investing in something you want to please. Do not think long. In your personal life, you are threatened with illusions that someone wants to impose as a fact. You are not naive, so do not do it now. Think your head and think logically! You avoid big disappointment - and it will be joy .. ;-)

Scales (24.9.-23.10.)
Dear Libra, beware of long-term commitments. Before you do, really think about it. Think not only about the corner, but for the next two, three horns - that's at least! There is a risk of short-sighted solutions that do not really help anymore. A material opportunity could come to the material area when it will be necessary to show to what extent you take your position seriously. An advantage could be your originality. Happiness is ready for everyone who decides these days for their own business. Play with the right degree of self-confidence; "Everything damages you" is true here. Trust your privacy in privacy. Whatever you plan to taste, okay. There is no reason to worry about the result. Or a good reputation .. ;-)

Scorpio (24.10.-22.11.)
Dear Scorpions, go to the water. There you can meet an unexpected experience or an interesting encounter. The feeling that they pollute you with the Living Water is very close. What the heat of summer! The heat of love is ready for you! .. Keep yourself at work, even if you have a hundred times the truth. Unfortunately, you do not have a position yet. It is true of your place, but not now, now threatens to strike. Be wise aside. In your personal area, you run away from chances for something nice because you hesitate. You trample on the spot and think things are coming to you alone, or, on the contrary, "going out" . Leda mushrooms! Keep your own life the way you want, but then do not go to Fate, it does not give you opportunities. Do not waste your chance, do not stay home.

Sagittarius (23.11.-21.12.)
Dear Sagittarius, you could finish some official affairs. Or anything else that's been dragging for a long time. This is especially a relief from the end. You do not want to see anything in finance, and you think the problem will disappear. Why do not you talk to who else? It's a total banal thing! The problem swells ice in your mind. Go back to the ground and use logic. And especially in peace! In your personal life you get what you give yourself. And do not bother that it is not so when it is. You can be perfect alibists, but admitting that you are making ordinary human mistakes, that's a problem. Do you really think that you are the navel of the world, even though you say you are not? Oh, you Firemen! Say when you experience: Try the balance in the sense of "give, give" a simple smile. Broadcast it to the world, and if you do not come back, I'll get the cards ..; -o

Capricorn (22.12.-20.1.)
Dear Capricorn, indecision brings you problems. If you want to avoid it, then it will be necessary to sour the sour apple. In the end, it can be shown that this imaginary apple may have been green, but green can also be sweet, especially the summer. Errors of the past want to wring the surface in the material area. Somewhere you have somewhat forgotten, and it will catch you up now. Fix the rest, it's not that hard. You know where the mistake was made .. Privacy has been a form of disappointment for you. You have to realize what is essential and what to leave - even thought. Yesterday is not going back. But you still have enough options to let your tomorrow flourish. And perhaps not only yours. Little advice: do not push anyone into anything, keep your patience ..

Aquarius (21.1.-19.2.)
Dear Aquarius, it is high time to bring your plan for summer to life. Whatever you've worn in your head now, and now is the best time to implement the plans. You have enough energy for anything. You can equally appeal to the secret love, like painting the whole apartment .. ;-) There is a change in the financial area. Whether from your side or from outside, it should be a very fundamental chance to achieve financial prosperity. Better to use chances. Do not worry about changes, it's just beneficial to you. Do not let yourself in private issues in private. No one wants to talk about it, you and your surroundings have a very "cooked" mind. Chill out by the water or enjoy another summer refreshment at will. And discuss nonsense ..

Fish (20.2.-20.3.)
Dear Pisces, much to the water and refresh your mind. Otherwise, you are in a rather unpleasant state of mind: you will succumb to the illusory notion that someone will "feed" you - you sneak a dazed bait with a reel. Keep drinking, otherwise you stop thinking about it and you are green in the grove. ;-) Be very careful in the finances, there are difficulties from past mistakes. So do not go down the wrong river a few times! Forget Loans and Loans; Do not take them or give them! Problems with repayment are more than clear - on both sides. In private, you get into a "life-time" when you insignificant things blend in between the essentials and face it important, though they are not! Make your order in your affairs, sort them (best in writing) by importance. Then you will see how you can act calmly and relaxed. And attractive ..

Famous Words to Think:
"Tolerance is not indifference, but the wise belief that the other person may be right .."
(Jiří Menzel)

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