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Men are worse off with sexual infidelity, emotional women

Men are worse off with sexual infidelity, emotional women While men are more injured by the sexual infidelity of their partner, women are more affected by the emotional one. The ladies also bear the worse if they find out that their partner is receiving messages from a potential sokyan, but gentlemen, on the contrary, are less likely to breathe unfaithful messages sent by their partner. This is shown in a study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychological Science. According to her, infidelity causes sexual or emotional jealousy, which is often the cause of domestic violence.

Although the stereotype of jealous men is far more strongly rooted in European culture, a recent study by experts from the British Cardiff Metropolitan University has revealed that this may be different. The research was based on the fact that the respondents discovered a fictitious facebook message either sent or received by their partner, and then they had to express their indignation on the scale. The results revealed that women generally experience a greater degree of jealousy .

The reports submitted to the respondents were divided according to whether they indicated either emotional or sexual infidelity, depending on whether the partner received or sent them. The results showed that while women responded worse to emotional-type reports, men were more outraged by those sexually tuned. What divides by recipient and sender can be more painful if they discover an "unverified" message sent by their partner, for women, on the contrary, the worse news their partner received.

"If we look at the results of messages with emotional or sexual subtext from a genetics point of view, they are very logical. For every living organism, it is most important to multiply. And since mothers can always be sure of passing their genes to a child, paternity is uncertain, " comments Adam Durčák (Pink "So, in general, men have a much lower degree of sexual infidelity because they can not be sure they actually raise their own children. Women, on the contrary, have this certainty, but on the other hand they need the partner to secure them. An emotional bond to someone else can threaten this security, " adds Durcak.

A study from the British Cardiff Metropolitan University supports evolution-derived theories, according to which there are differences in what raises jealousy between men and women. According to scientists, it is important to understand the mechanisms behind the jealousy of the digital age. True or suspicious partner infidelity that causes sexual or emotional jealousy is a common cause of domestic violence. "This is confirmed by the Rosa Foundation's statistics that 34% of domestic violence is the cause of aggression of jealousy, 14.5% of a partner's mental disorder, 8% of bilateral aggression, and 9.6% of sexual abuse," Concluded Adam Durčák.

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