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Šumava reports a tragic year for endangered European tickets

The first half of this year is a tragic one for the endangered species of animals living in the Bohemian Forest. A car crash in the Bohemian Forest and in the Bohemian Forest for seven months did not survive three European slopes and a lynx island. Speaker of the Šumava National Park Jan Dvořák therefore appeals to drivers to ride more cautiously in the Šumava.

In two cases, it was even killing the suckling females, so it is very likely that their young will also die. At the end of June there was a car crash and nursing on the route between Vimperk and Volice. In the middle of July, the passenger car driver could not prevent the collision with the European lamb near Frymburk near Lipno.

"It was the third loser that did not survive this year's car crash. In the first case it was a young lass who was knocked down on the right side of Lipno in mid-March, "says Jan Mokrý from the Nature Conservancy Administration of Šumava National Park. "The second lollipop was shot down in the middle of June near the village Studánky za Vyšší Brod. The third accident this year, in which the lot died, was a month later on the left side of the Lipno Dam. It was a female. "

"In addition, if it is the death of a nursing female, it is much worse, because her young will not survive. And when we estimate the number of European herds in Lipno around twenty, so with every such animal, the possibility of keeping this small population is sharply decreasing, "he adds.

In these accidents this year there were no personal injuries, but the collision with one of the largest European mammals is also a high risk for the crew of the vehicle.

Statistics of accidents are conducted by the Šumava National Parks and the Bavarian Forest National Parks, as well as in the case of the island lynx. In addition to the June event, when the female feature collided on the route between Vimperk and Volice, the feature in Bavaria near Frauenau was at the turn of February and March this year.

"It's really a very sad statistic. Over the last three years, such incidents have increased. In 2014, the employees of the Šumava Administration informed about two traffic accidents, in which the features were killed, " Elisa Belotti , the son of the Šumava Administration , commented, " There were four accidents in 2015 and four accidents last year. They also found one poignant trait on the border between the PLA and the national park, but even if we handed over the matter to the police and it made a ballistic analysis of the rest of the missiles, the poacher could not trace, " says Elisa Belotti.

"The rich populations here in Šumava and in the surrounding area are very fragile. Sixty to eighty adults do not give a full guarantee of seamless survival, and any loss of being a single cat is a major hit in this population, "he adds.

From time to time, other protected species such as River otter, European beaver, White whip, Forest crane are found on the roads. The causes of more and more frequent clashes with protected species may be several, and it is certainly an increase in car traffic associated with increasing tourism in the Šumava region.

"The role of cars and some degree of inattention to drivers are also being played. Some accidents would certainly not have happened if the drivers were a little gas, more driving and watching the events around them, especially in the morning and in the evening, " Jan Švorka, Speaker of the Administration of the Šumava National Park, said. So we can expect an increased movement of this game on the roads not only in the Bohemian Forest " And one thing to be remembered, a wildlife accident does not have to end badly for the animal itself but also for the crew of the car.This is why we ask all drivers who head for Šumava To keep this in mind, " says Jan Dvořák.


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