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Diva Baar in the rhythm of electroswing

Who is Diva Baara? A pseudonym of elegant singers, wonders, gentle songwriters and distinctive lyricists who are just posing with their author's project. The singing single from the album, which comes out in the autumn, is a catch-up song "Just for One". Fresh video clip takes place in the rhythm of electroswing.

Her singer, Bára Vaculikova , member of the Yellow Sisters vocal group, known for her participation in a TV voice contest, responded to the controversial project, which was very successful on the Internet. Songwriter and lyricist Bára Vaculikova is the daughter of singer and actress Petra Černocké.

The new single "For Just One" was musically performed by producer Dalibor Cidlinský, known for his collaboration with Slza, Xindl X and other artists.

The song "For Just One Time" is the energetic confession of a woman in electro-swing rhythm. Baara ironizes the lifestyle in which partners move away from each other because of their job responsibilities and concentration on performance. In the clip, he calls his imaginary man to turn off his phone - and he begins to perceive herself.

A remarkable color clip with a number of cabaret elements and masks was filmed in an international team on several attractive locations, such as the Art Deco Theater Venus in Švehlovce or the romantic baroque Loučeň Chateau. Directed by Estonian director Maris Salumets and cameras by Dalibor Fencl and Martin Preiss, who starred in Hylwood productions.

The new Divé Baary project remains on women's themes. The outlined form describes the stereotypes of various, often distinct, forms of partnership. "I'm interested in relationships and I feel compelled to express them through the music, inspiring stories of strong women and their insights, I think we should be supportive in this respect," says Diva Baar's motivation.

The release of the single will be followed by Baar's plaque on the edge of pop, jazz, and intimate songwriting with electroswings to be released this autumn.

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