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Bestiario: The Magnificent International Opening Summer Summer

Already in less than a month, the best novocirkus artists, acrobats, mimics, jugglers, actors, musicians and other artists from several continents will be reunited in the Prague Letenské sady - the 14th International Summer Circus and Summer Letná Festival will start here.

The opening on Thursday 17 August will be as varied as the whole festival program. Under the summer evening, the audience will offer specially for Summer Summer a joint presentation of domestic and international artists under the reign of renowned director Firenze Guidi from the world-famous Welsh ensemble Nofit State Circus . Evening open-air program called BESTIARIO / BESTIÁŘ will culminate in a joint weekly workshop, which will take place in early August in Prague. The workshop will connect foreign and Czech artists and artists to exchange experiences, inspire, find new expression elements, new creative techniques, and develop their potential and potential.

Bestiario combines individual pieces of the incredibly colorful mosaic of novocircus art. The audience can enjoy, for example, aerial and aerial acrobatics, a fire show or equilibrium in the works of artists from such groups as Nofit State Circus, Losers Cirque Company, Cirque Garuda, Cie des Pieds Perchés, Amanitas Fire Theater, Feel the Universe Circus Company and others.

Directed by the renowned Italian director Firenza Guidi, who is amongst others the successful introduction of the band Nofit State Circus Bianco, which Summer Letné visitors could see in 2015. The director will be present on the show by other colleagues from Nofit State Circus, creative director Lyndall Merry And composer and musician David Murray .

The 14th Summer Letná Festival will take place from August 17th to September 3rd in Letenské sady in Prague.
More information on the festival site .

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