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How do you choose to navigate and where to place it properly so you do not get a fine?

Traditional GPS navigation is now almost imperative for motorists. Not only will it reliably guide you to your goal, it will also help you "unwrap" from the centers of large cities full of unidirectional. Navigation moves in a large price range based on the features and services they offer. The advantage over the smartphone is zero consumption of your mobile data (offline navigation in the phone is not always reliable), battery life and better reception of data from navigation satellites.

Specialized navigation devices

GPS navigation, which is commonly available in stores, is divided into two basic categories - automotive and hiking. These two classes are then blended into different motorcycle systems (mostly classic car navigation, but waterproof and glove-friendly display) and cycling (similar to motorcycle navigation, but based on pedestrian navigation) .

However, the most important factor is the separate map data and the possibility of updating them . Few can make the road uncomfortable as when navigation takes you from the already completed highway to the winding districts because it has no idea of ​​its existence. Some companies offer free updates, others free of charge for a certain period of time from purchase, others can purchase or add live map updates for a period of time. For others, you must always purchase a new map package separately. We recommend navigation with at least some free map updates for a certain period of time, because you always get more money for the constant update map than the device itself.

"Mobile" alternative

Recently, smartphone navigation applications have become increasingly popular. Applications are usually cheaper and if you comply with some restrictions, you may be able to use some of the free ones - such as Waze or navigation through Google Maps.
Not all of them work without an Internet connection, which should be taken into account especially when traveling abroad. For free apps, also check whether they include voice navigation and bandwidth help. The weakness is also the need to recharge, possibly overheating the mobile phone (which is not built for long-term operation with the display on) and poor GPS reception.
If you are comfortable with navigation on your smartphone, you also need to deal with a practical placement. So get a good quality mobile phone holder that will give you a good view of the map and the phone will be at your fingertips.

Also, do not forget the cigarette lighter charger to keep your phone full of life. We recommend that you purchase a charger with a splitter that allows you to charge two or more devices at the same time. Believe in the long journeys it will also be appreciated by fellow travelers who will be able to recharge the phone.

Where to navigate properly?

The vast majority of drivers have GPS navigation attached to the windscreen. However, the police patrol can make their lives worse. Navigation, as well as anything else, can not prevent the view from the car. So if you place it in the field of view, you are violating the law. Although the police are very mild in this respect, the inappropriate location of the device may amount to up to two thousand crowns of fines, just like fragrant trees on the driver's mirror.

How, however, specify the field of vision of the driver? This is different depending on the type of vehicle, the height of the driver and the position of the seat. It can not be said that the field of view of the driver is the entire windscreen. For many cars, the lower part of the glazing, through which the front hood is seen, is completely optically unused and is not the driver's field of vision. Another option is to place the navigation in a place that is not wiped away from wipers and in the case of worse weather it is also not a field of view. There are also drivers who fasten the navigation to the side window. Do not forget, however, that this glazing can also be part of the field of view.

What's next?

You do not have to worry about choosing and purchasing the right navigation or the necessary components to hold and charge your mobile phone all day long. You can buy everything simply, comfortably and quickly, for example, in the Auto Kelly dealer network, where you can also advise on any inconvenience.
Before leaving, we also recommend that you check your car in the garage or arrange assistance in case of a breakdown.

Did you know that:

Has the roaming in all countries of the European Union been canceled since June this year? Thus, when traveling on EU countries, the same conditions apply to calling and transferred data as in the home country. This makes it much better for Czech citizens to use online navigation applications.

Source: tz, Auto Kelly; Editorially modified

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