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First aid herbs for summer digestive problems

Summer desires grilled, spicy and fried foods, sipping alcohol, and other holidays typical of holidays. However, joy can easily change in a sudden digestive problem that will make holiday experiences uncomfortable. In addition to heartburn, a stomach, bloated stomach, diarrhea or constipation may appear. If digestive problems occur, nature can help. We present an overview of the basic herbs that proved to be the first aid in the fight against digestive problems.

Heartburn will shake the rakitic oil and the chagon fungus

Pyrosis, which we know as heartburn, according to the American National Library of Medicine regularly affects 20% of European and American people. The burning sensation of bruising in the chest area often accompanies a sore throat, difficult swallowing, or more intense saliva production. Symptoms occur due to poor functioning of the worm, sphincter between the esophagus and the stomach, as a result of which gastric juices irritate the mucous membrane of the esophagus.

The problem usually disappears spontaneously after a short period of time, but if we want to relieve the body a little earlier, it is advisable to look at herbs that curb stomach acid formation and calm the digestive system. "In the heartburn problem, the most effective means is raccoon oil and Befungin sponge extract. Regular digestion of digestive tract mucosa is a suitable tin and burdock tincture, " advises Jarmila Podhorna, the most well-known Czech herbalist.

The flatness will soothe the mixture of oak, black currant, linen, cranberries and alders

Frequent summer disturbance of digestion is also flatulence. This usually occurs after eating foods that promote the formation of gases in the intestines, typically carbohydrates. In addition, digestive enzymes are not fully functional, so the diet is only decomposed into the colon with bacterial or fermentation assistance. It causes tension in the stomach, a feeling of puffiness, but also unpleasant pain and cramps.

To improve digestion and thus prevent bloating, it is necessary to keep the pancreas, the gall bladder and the liver in proper functioning. It also cleanses the intestines and strengthens their activity. "In order for the pancreas to work best, we can use the extract from the pencil sponge. The liver and the gall bladder will strengthen and regenerate the gemmotherapeutics from thistle and juniper. Also, a mixture of oak, black currant, flax, cranberries and alder called Fitkolon will help cleanse the gut by adjusting the condition. " Herbalist recommends that herbal tea from anise, fennel or mint is a proven helper.

Drought stops blueberry or cranberry

In the summer, diarrhea may also cause us to suffer from a variety of reasons. It is usually a long time to travel, to change the environment, but also to eat poorly, when we accept a larger amount of food that the body can not digest. "In diarrheal trouble, we should first rule out the possible causes of the infection. Licorice or poplar destroy parasites in the digestive system. To stop diarrhea, blueberry and cranberry, or black gourmet, oak or forest-tree gemmotherapeut, contributes to diarrhea, " says Jarmila Podhorná.

From pimples, pineapples, grapes and seaweeds are relieved

Otherwise, in the case of constipation, which usually comes from similar causes as diarrhea, it is necessary to support the activity of the intestines. "The so-called Brodish ortislim, a mixture of pineapple, grapes and seaweed, is used to bloat the intestines. As part of the treatment, we should well clean the intestines from bacteria that settle down and accumulate due to constipation. Antibacterial effects include garlic, " says Podhorna. For preventive reasons, in order to prevent constipation from having a summer vacation, it is advisable to regularly use thyme or tincture of oatmeal, linseed, corn and black currant.

Source: tz Hope, edited editorially

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