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Ten Simple Ways to Solve a Naughty Nail

If there is a nail-free nail without infection (inflammation), you can try one of the following recommendations:

Ten Homemade Homemade Tips

If there is a nail-free nail without infection (inflammation), you can try one of the following recommendations:
Dive your sore finger several times a day for 15 minutes into a warm salt water bath.
Salty baths relieve pain and swelling in the overgrown nail area. After each wetting of your leg, dry thoroughly.
Keep your leg dry, except for salt baths.

Take free-of-charge painkillers (containing, for example, paracetamol or ibuprofen).
Gently pull your skin away from the nail by using a small nail file, a wooden spatula or other blunt instrument that will not damage your finger.
Put a piece of clean, humid cotton between the overgrown nail and the skin.
So you can separate your fingernail from the skin and give it some relief. Cotton can be dipped in water or an antiseptic agent.
Paste your finger with a disinfectant ointment that will reduce the risk of infection.
Cover the painful finger of the bandage to give it strength and protection.
Wear shoes that do not press on your fingers. Shoes made of soft fabric and wide tip are a good choice. Whenever possible, use sandals.
Frequently and carefully check if any infections have occurred near the nail . Take note of symptoms such as redness, increased pain, swelling and pus.
Visit a podiatric (a doctor who deals with foot and leg problems) if you notice symptoms of inflammation or when returning problems with the nails are getting worse. Sufficient surgery is usually sufficient to resolve.

How to prevent nails from curving and painfully getting into the skin? Experts especially recommend wearing appropriate shoes. It is one that does not press your toes. It is also important to correct nail cutting. It's good to trim your nails and not too short.

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