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Quaint holiday claim: A quarrel with a wife and an inappropriately placed island

The holiday season is in full swing. Not every tourist is satisfied with the course of holiday and returns to complaints. Since the beginning of June, Invia has been dealing with 516 complaints, representing about 1.5% of all tours sold. Only 8% of them were eligible. And this year there were queer complaints among the complaints. In which case is the claim eligible and not what? And when is it better to solve the problem right on the spot?

Accommodation and hotel services

Accommodation and services in the hotel are one of the most frequent categories according to travel agencies, which is the subject of complaints. Clients' complaints relate mostly to the location of the hotel or the room itself, but also to the services provided. Travel agents also report complaints about unsatisfactory views from the hotel's balcony. "Such complaints are justified in case the client has overlooked the sea and has not been provided . The fee is, of course, returned to him after his return. Similarly, when the client orders a family room but is accommodated in a standard room with extra beds, " commented Michal Tůma (Invia). On the contrary, travel agents are no longer guaranteeing the location of rooms adjacent to each other, despite the fact that multiple groups of passengers are trying to do their utmost. The complaint about the location of the rooms in different parts of the hotel will be evaluated as unauthorized.
Extra tip: Complaints about inadequate cleaning, inadequate number of towels or hygienic toiletries in the room pay to be settled immediately on site . The hotel staff will most likely satisfy you. You may have a problem with a return claim from vacation.


Traffic complaints mostly concern flight times. Clients often complain about night-time departures on holiday and early morning departures, for they feel that the travel agency has prepared two days off. However, according to the general rules, the first and last day of the trip are intended for carriage, so similar claims are unlikely to be accepted. Otherwise, there is a significant flight delay. If it exceeds 6 hours, you can get back compensation up to 600 euros. Claims for compensation are also available to clients who have paid for the extra seat but have not been provided. In such situations, the surcharge is refunded in full.
Extra tip: The delayed flight complaint depends on the length of the flight, the specific shipping company and the length of the delay. Always contact your travel agent for the possibilities of compensation.


Quality, quantity, or method of serving a diet is one of the most frequent complaints of travel agency customers. Especially for busy travelers, problems arise from a comparison of past and current experience. "Clients often complain that, for example, last year at a hotel in Egypt they had 5 kinds of cheeses and salads for breakfast, whereas now there are only 2 species in Greece. Compare the all inclusive diet and expect it to be as rich in different destinations, but it is not possible. Both food and service levels vary from country to country , " comments Michal Tůma. Among the legitimate complaints, on the contrary, are complaints about the form of refreshment. "If the client states in the contract that eating will be in the form of a buffet table, but the breakfast was served on site and dinner could only be chosen from the menu, then he is entitled to compensation," adds Tumma.

Extra Tip: In case of inadequate diet or health problems due to its consumption, contact the Delegate at your place of residence immediately. It will help with possible treatment by completing the necessary documents.

Quaery complaints: Naked photographs and an inappropriately placed island

As in last season, travel agencies had to deal with several quirky complaints this year. The client complained after a holiday in Greece, for example, that he was defending the island of Krk from a beach view to the sea . In another, he demanded compensation for the psychological harm he had suffered : "Immediately at the airport, I quarreled with my wife, and in the following days, because of psychic tension, my eyebrows blew, causing me physical and psychological harm," he said with reference to the legal sections in his complaint .
However, a client who, when visiting a souvenir shop in a holiday resort, met with propaganda items. On the contrary, the older complaint, which has become famous among tourism workers, is funny: "Sunglasses swallowed me in the sea. Anywhere I did not read that I do not have sunglasses in the water that they are in danger of losing. He might have been warned by a delegate ... ", demanded paying a glasses tourist.

Passengers do not hesitate to fill in their complaints with pictorial photographs. These are often quite cheery. "Instead of insect bites, we even got a picture of a naked background. Clients do not hesitate to send a photo of décolleté or whole body in swimsuits. We would like to send a picture of our wife in the bar or selfie from the beach, " Michal Tůma adds to the pearls.

Source: tz Invia, edited editorially

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