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5 Tips to Protect Your Home Against Thieves in the Summer

Summer. A period of so many popular holidays that most of us are eagerly looking forward to. However, while enjoying relaxation by the sea, our absence can be used by thieves. The hot months are the most risky periods according to annual statistics on house theft. So we bring you five helpful tips to effectively defend against this danger.

Security doors are the foundation

Entrance doors are the most important in the home. Whether it is a main entrance or a side entry into the house, it is a major obstacle for a potential thief. When taking the entrance door, consider the safety class. To distinguish between them, we can have a total of six security levels. For ordinary households, a golden middle way is suitable - class number 3 . If you keep large valuables in your house, the class is also higher. For both versions, however, they are virtually insurmountable for a common thief. It can be made of steel structures and thorns, which, when locked, go into the wall and prevent classical swinging. However, in order to function properly and to reach their safety class, it is always necessary to lock the doors to the maximum.

Alarm connected to security service

Although it may sound surprising, the first electromagnetic alarm system was patented in 1853. Since then, the alarm has gone a long way - initially used only for audible intimidation and distraction of the thief when opening the door, nowadays it is equipped with motion detectors That the thief is entering the house in another way. A highlight in this regard is the connection of the alarm to a security agency, which is able, in the event of its execution, to go immediately to the scene of the crime and to make the intruder reaffirm in minutes.

Outdoor blinds - screening and obstacle

For thieves, the lesson is often used to choose the path of least resistance. So if you block them from entering the entrance with a high-quality security door, but at the same time you have windows that are easily accessible, you do not have to be fully won. So if you do not have them in front window blinds. "Their primary function is shielding, thanks to safety cell springs that hold the lamellae in one plane, but they can not cause undesired mechanical lifting," says Lubomir Valenta (Lomax). The roller blinds, thanks to their construction, will create another difficult obstacle, and the thief will move his attention to other places.

Non-slip garage

Another weak point in terms of access to the house can be a garage door. After overcoming them, the thief suddenly finds himself inside the house. A very common way of breaking them is by means of a stick. However, in an imaginary race between thieves and door manufacturers, they are constantly trying to keep the other. Garage doors can be fitted with a lock at the bottom to prevent them from being blasted. An effective protection is also the door-to-door drive, the gearbox of which is designed to prevent bumps, even in the event of a power failure.

Make yourself at home

This method is closely related to modern technology, which allows potential thieves to impress the idea that your household is inhabited while you are actually enjoying holidays abroad. Thanks to its rich programming capabilities or connections to mobile devices, you can control your home at a distance. "For example, the blinds can be programmed in the absence of a window so that they will always be drawn at a certain time or on the other hand," explains Lubomir Valenta. From a remote, smartphone or tablet can be controlled by lighting, just a simple internet connection. Thanks to this combination, a potential thief concludes that he will not be undisturbed in your home and will prefer to look for another house or flat.

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