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Underwear vendors are still targeting seniors

Again, complaints about the deceptive practices of street vendors are being propagated and they offer the replacement of security door inserts. Trained fairytales walk from house to house, focusing on the most vulnerable - seniors. They are more easily subject to psychological pressure, and they also have more cash at home, which can be paid by dealers.

One day Mrs. Jaroslava suddenly rang door-to-door vendors. They told her that several dwellings had been stolen in her house and that it could happen to her. They offered her immediate solution to the problem - installing a safety pad that was supposed to cost 3500 crowns. Since Mrs. Jaroslava has been living alone in the apartment for 80 years, she has decided to accept the "help" offered by her security concern. However, the invoice for the installation of the safety pad has finally climbed to 14,000 crowns.

"We do not see a similar case for the first time. About a year ago we warned consumers about Groziskon Ltd., led by Martin Pšenička. Now the security inserts are sold under the name of TOP Dveře sro The change of name did not even change the manager or change the company's business practices. Her sales representatives are always going from door to door, and fancy stories about stolen neighbors make them a lot of money, " says Lukas Zeleny, head of the legal department of consumer organization dTest.

If you have already been hauled by vendors, your situation may be difficult to solve. In the case of off-premises sales, it confers a right for consumers to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of the goods purchased, but according to the available information, this particular seller does not have the refund. You are waiting for such a difficult negotiation, enhanced by the reluctance of the company to communicate with its customers. "Withdrawing from a contract is, however, the first and necessary step to successfully claim your money in court. In addition, it is good to know that if the seller does not teach you the possibility to withdraw from the contract, the period for exercising this right is extended to 1 year and 14 days, " explains Lukáš Zelený.

Withdrawal from the contract can be announced to the trader even verbally, for example by phone, but you will not be able to prove what you have said on the headset later. Therefore, it is better to do so in writing. If vendors send an email, they should confirm their acceptance, which in this case can not be relied upon. The surest way to withdraw from the contract is a registered letter with a receipt. "If you are unsure of how to withdraw from the contract, you can use our publicly available template to withdraw from a sales contract concluded at a show or attorney, which can be found at Dodejku and keep a copy of your letter well, "says Lukas Zeleny.

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