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Jiří Votruba's Show in the National Theater: Love and Leaders in the Global World

From September 1 to 30, video galleries in the New Stage building of the National Theater will be celebrated by the exhibition "Male / Female" by the famous painter, graphic artist and illustrator Jiří Votruba. The author touches on her favorite theme of beauty, love, insanity, and human uniqueness in a globalized world.

The chamber exhibition is made up of colorful 3D figures from the Global Portrait series, some of which will present the exhibition for the first time. Plain, comic-drawn human figures carved from plastic, Votrub's favorite material, complements the video projection of the author's paintings from the cycle Too much love. In them the artist used, among other things, pieces of empty packaging and tubes, collected in his bathroom.

The calm, coolness, subtle humor and the perfect sense of detail that radiate from the painter's harmonic personality are reflected in his extensive work. The graduate engineer-builder gave his original vocation to the valley in the mid-eighties and embarked on the uncertain but adventurous career of the painter and illustrator. An artist with an original handwriting, also known for his excellent book illustrations, has exhibited since then in more than sixty countries around the world. He always loved bright, joyful colors that let him work in full surfaces.

About his current exhibition, Jiri Votruba, says: "Global business speaks to us the language of love: it says how exceptional we are and how much we love us. They compete for us and promise rewards for loyalty. But we all know that this is a completely ground-breaking business. Today, this purposeful, mass-offered love is far too much on the planet - and yet we are seduced again and again, " says the author, whose heart is often the theme of the most powerful human emotion.

From the USA to Japan

"In the work of Jiří Votruby, we feel the echo of American pop art, consumer culture and fashion world with its brands and aesthetics, as well as comics that are in some countries such as Japan, USA and France, an important part of national visibility. " Surprising feelings and accentuated contours by the curator also refer to the tradition of Japanese woodcuts.

In the country of the rising sun, Votrub's humorous paintings, drawings and posters are very popular - Jiří Votruba has been creating a visual appearance for many years at several major festivals focused on classical music. Within the framework of the Prague National Theater, the artist cooperates with the Prague Children's Opera, for which he proposes an original expedition.

The exhibition located in the mezzanine between the ground floor and the theater café will be open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm, at the weekend from 11am to midnight. Free entry.

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