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Petra Janů - I was so lucky!

On Jan. 22, after five years, the Czech-Slovak musical scene of Petr Janů will return to Šumperk with a new concert program, accompanied by an amphibious band, composed of outstanding musicians. Our favorite singer asked us a few questions to find out what's new to her.

First of all, we would like to congratulate you on the important anniversary celebrating this year. Your successful vocal career has begun before an unbelievable 45 years. What do you think about the beginnings of the music industry?
Thank you very much for congratulations! (Smile) I'm given a rattle girl from Sekyrka Louka, who has a huge self-consciousness with a home-made head. No extra beauty that was convinced of its perfection. Today I know it was a miracle that they chose me to Semaphore. They probably knew that "something" could be shaken. (Laughs)

When was the moment that you realized how singing always fulfills you and you want to do it all the time?
I've been singing since I was a kid, I lived with a grandmother who liked and sang well and taught me a lot of songs. Then I sang wherever she could, in school colleges, at competitions and school events.

And which moment of your career was the fault of you?
There was more. In the beginning, surely the Semafor Theater, then a meeting with my future man, who stood behind all my initial successes. I've had a big clue that I've always met the right people at the right time. It was the peak on our music scene, Ota Petřina, Zdeněk Rytíř, Karel Svoboda, Pavel Vrba ...

You have released many successful albums. If you should choose only one song that you would have piled under your skin, what choice would you have?
One can not be chosen, for all I am grateful. I like the huge gift that even after these years I have songs that make people happy. That's why I have to smile when I see young colleagues who have one hit today and say they hate it, instead of thanking them for the fact that people want to listen to it. (laughter)

For the fate we can just call the meeting and a long-term creative cooperation with the author pair Ota Petrin and Zdeněk Rytíř, as well as Ondrej Soukup and Petr Janda. How did it happen at that time?
As I have already mentioned, I was very fortunate to know that at precisely the time when I felt that something should happen or change, these my "quirks" appeared. Maybe it was according to the saying, "If the disciple is ready , The teacher will appear ". (laughter)

A few years ago, you had a very successful tour with Věra Špinarová, with whom you have long been friendship. Do you remember the moment when you met for the first time?
It was at Bratislava's lyre in 1976. We understood it right away. She also did not like those "naughty" actions, she was a very honest and straight man, and this glamorous "playwright" did not do her well, just like me, so we were allied souls.

You are lucky to have won many beautiful roles in various Czech musicals. Which of them inspired you most?
I loved Kytica in Semafor, until today, if you wake me up at midnight, I will sing you Bludicka. (Laughs) Another, for me, a breakthrough, the musicals were The Beggars in the Vinohrady Theater. I'm still proud of being part of a performance that opened the gate to the later musical boom. (smile)

You also appeared in several movies. What was the best atmosphere for shooting a picture in the staff?
Well, since I filmed two and no one was at the Oscar, I'm just glad to know how it's done. "In Concert, it's important for me to capture the atmosphere of a concert from my rock beginnings. Does not differ from what is happening today, and in the movie, "My Sinful Man" was a wonderful experience for me for working with Michael Kocab, who made music for the film.

With the metal band Soustrast you recorded the cover for the song We're going on. Who came up with this idea and how did you enjoy filming the clip?
Guitarist Soustrasti played at the Broadway Theater in one of the musicals where I sang, so he offered me. It was a great pleasure for me and we enjoyed shooting. Especially shooting the clip where we played with Petra Janda playing parents. (Laughter) It was, really, great fun.

When you are constantly in one round, can you find time for yourself that you can turn off and just relax?
Sure, at the cottage near Jindřichův Hradec in the woods. There everything turns itself off.

Have you recently seen a performance that is very interesting to you or are you going to attend a concert in the near future?
Because I have a lot of work myself, I'm a bit of a cultural barbarian. The last time I saw the musical Vampire Ball, he excited me.

What do you think about the current Czech and foreign music scene?
I think everything has its own natural development, and anyone who likes music can find in that huge offer "its own." (Smile)

Let me invite all fans to your concert at the Šumperk House of Culture, which will take place on Friday 22 September. What can we look forward to during the show?
All my hits, news, my new Amsterdam band, the rock sound and all the energy we all give to that show. We look forward to.

What future plans would you like to share with us?
After years of publishing a new album with Amsterdam, at the end of October and November, I have a birthday tour called The Crazy Years, which tells us a bit. (laughter)

And finally, a message to the visitors of the Shumper Concert ...

Come, we'll have a nice night together. I love you!

Official site of Petra Janů
Text: Michaela Horáková
Source: tz DK Šumperk

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