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House burglaries have fallen short

House burglaries have fallen short The number of burglaries in flats, houses or holiday homes fell this year. This stems from police statistics for the first five months of this year. The biggest drop was recorded for burglaries in holiday cottages, the lowest one was for family houses. The total number of previously registered burglaries has been declining for a long time, just like crime in the Czech Republic.

Criminality in the Czech Republic has been declining for a long time. An exception in this case is not robbery in houses, flats and recreational huts. Their number decreased in the first five months compared to the same period last year by 12 and a half percent. Nominally, police statistics record less than 448 burglaries from January to May this year.

"Registered deeds have dropped in all three cases by about a hundred,"
said Czech Police Chief Justice, Ivan Nguyen. A more detailed look at the statistics shows that the biggest decline can be seen in burglaries in holiday cottages in the period under review, a total of 16%. On the contrary, the number of robberies in family houses declined at least year-on-year, although it was almost a 10% drop.

Although this year's declining burglaries can be seen this year, it is the summer holidays and frequent holidays, during which the number of these crimes increases. While this month, on average, 247 robberies in family houses last year, the police recorded almost 50 more in August this year. It can be attributed to a longer period, during which the household is unoccupied, which the raiders are trying to use. How to minimize the risk of robbery? According to Ngyuen, it is good to stick to the principle of keeping as few people as possible on unhandled households. "Among other things, we encourage people not to disclose on social networks that they are leaving for vacation, so the apartment will remain unattended. Communication with neighbors is also important in maintaining good relationships, " the Chief Commissioner added. It is absolutely essential that it is sufficient to provide a household or holiday cottage.

There are plenty of ways to prevent thieves from entering the interior. These include the security door or alarm equipment. Less-traditional blinds can be arranged, for example. "The task is to maximally overshadow the interior but they also include safety cell springs. The lamellas will not only keep them in one plane, but will also prevent undesired mechanical lifting, " said Lubomir Valenta Lomax. Also a garage can be a weak place in terms of home or cottage security. "Today's gearboxes with high-quality engines can prevent unintentional lifting of the door. An increasingly common solution is also the combination of electronic components and mechanical stops, "he added to Valenta's garage security.

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