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The train between Mirakoul and Tankodrom is free for August

The train between Mirakoul and Tankodrom is free for August After Soviet soldiers departed in June 1991, this was a rather unpleasant year. However, in recent years, Milovice and its surroundings have been able to wake up to life. Park Mirakulum and Tankodrom contribute to this. And right between them, you will be able to travel for free in August!

Park Mirakulum and Tankodrom are less than two miles away. The journey between them can be one of the many extraordinary experiences that await you. From Mirakula to Tankodrom or in the opposite direction, it travels on a narrow-gauge railway with a gauge of 760 mm, on which trains run by steam locomotives.

The older one dates back to 1947 and is a machine made by the Viennese locomotive factory in Floridsdorf. It has been run by the Österreichische Alpine Montan Gesellschaft and has been running between milieu since 2014.

The second "pair" is the U 46.0 - Resita locomotive. Between 1951 and 1958, approximately 180 pieces of these machines were produced in Romanian Reishi, which were designed mainly for the Romanian forest railway. "Despite the advanced age, it is not a breathtaking old woman, but a two-axle beauty that can go up to 30 kilometers per hour, even if it's full of people. It has water reservoirs on each side - each with a capacity of three cubic meters, and a driver's cubicle with a cubicle of about four cubic meters, " explains Vratislav Vesely, owner of the Tankodrome complex.
"The mašinka runs every afternoon between 12 am and 5 pm in the interval of 30 minutes and will be free for whole August", adds Jiří Antoš, the owner, the creator and especially the promoter of everything that is happening in the Park Mirakulum.

What is waiting for you on Tankodrom?

At the "Military Tank Base" you can visit the repaired underground shelter of the Soviet Army, a copy of the American base from Vietnam PleiMe or the Vietnamese village. You can see here military equipment, especially Soviet T-tanks, including the legendary T34 and infantry combat vehicles, but also the famous MIG 21, the MI2 helicopter and much more. "We also have a paintball shooting range or a giant trampoline," commented Veselý.

What's waiting for you in Mirakul?

Fun, fun and fun. That's exactly what the park was built for, and believe that it fulfills its purpose completely and that your children will not know where to go! You can start at the rope center, which is one of the largest in the country and offers obstacles a few centimeters above the ground for the smallest and the crowns of the trees for those more grown. Do not miss the Water World, which was reopened at the beginning of the holidays. You will find refreshing on hot summer days as well as instruction. Seemingly - Have you ever seen the water flow up the hill? Here you will not only see it, but you will even be able to do it yourself. Children, however, can also stop the water using the dykes and create pools or change the direction of their flow.

When you have plenty of water games, you can relax in the amphitheater, where a varied program is prepared for almost every holiday day (except Mondays and Fridays) or make a mirror souvenir in handicrafts. But then, let's go even further - like a castle with eight towers, which serves as a huge wooden climbing court with up to ten meters height differences, a 25 x 13 meter trampoline, a fantastically branched forest town with towers, endless rope trails in tree crowns, and A large underground, a piggy piggy in the little village of Pig, a giant swing, ...

Opening hours in August: daily from 10am to 6pm

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