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Avoid traveling sickness. Chewing gum will relieve you for several hours

Get in on the bus and after a while you or your child will start to stomach up, adds headaches and cold sweat. You are most likely struggling with motion sickness or kinetosis. Can it effectively prevent this unpleasant lap?

Motion sickness or motion sickness is not a disease in the true sense of the word. These are unpleasant feelings associated with traveling by road, water and air. In addition to the symptoms described above, you may be bothered by:
Total body disorder,
Excessive saliva production,
Accelerated breathing,

The most common problems are traveling between 5 and 12 years old and seniors. Women are more prone to kinetosis.

Nausea travels when the brain detects a discrepancy between what the body feels and what the eyes are. For example, the ship's cabin perceives the equilibrium of the inner ear and the echo-echo nervous swing movement, while the eyes do not see any movements. Difficulties may also occur when playing video games when the eyes are watching a certain movement, but the body does not move appropriately.

Chewing gums work. What else does it help?

You can prepare your kinetosis in advance. There are preparations to prevent it. At the same time, however, they provide relief when the problems appear only during the journey. Suitable chewing gums containing dimenhydrinate are suitable choices. This substance belongs to antihistamines - medicines for allergy. Dimenhydrinate helps against nausea and vomiting and is therefore used in kinesis. And how can chewing gum with this substance ease the problems?
The active substance acts on equilibrium nervous pathways.
Dimenhydrinate is released during chewing and is absorbed into the blood through the mucous membranes in the mouth.
There is no need to swallow tablets or drink anything, which is especially practical in cases of severe nausea.
You can take chewing gum 15-30 minutes before traveling to avoid problems. The effect lasts up to 3 hours.
If symptoms of kinetosis appear even during the journey, you can take another chewing gum.

The use of chewing gum should be combined with other measures:
Try to follow the path in the car and concentrate on the horizon .
Do not read and do not give your children a cell phone, which could make things even worse.
If possible, breathe fresh air and avoid any strong odors.
Once you feel nauseous, try to eat a piece of dry bake and do not try to get rid of alcohol.

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