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Loyalty is paid out. It also protects against cancer

Promiscuity, or frequent alternation of sexual partners, is as risky as excessive alcohol drinking or gambling at the wheel of a car. In case of accidental unprotected contact, you can also infect HIV / AIDS or make yourself sick with later cancer.

Who changes sexual partners as socks and starts sexing at a very young age can have unpleasant consequences. Sexually transmitted diseases, especially when you neglect the treatment, can even consume and even shorten your life. Some of them are deadly. The risk of transmission is increasing with less traditional practices, including oral and anal intercourse.

"Souvenirs" that nobody cares about

If you have unprotected sexual intercourse, you may become infected with chlamydia or gonorrhea . Both infections are fortunately relatively well treatable. However, the condition is to come to the doctor in time. When you suffer symptoms and can not start treatment, both chlamydia and neisserie can cause serious health problems.
Another undesirable memory of the risky sexual experience is the HIV -infected disease causing AIDS. It is true that because of the pervasive treatment of many infected HIV, AIDS may never develop. However, despite all the improvements in treatment options, AIDS remains a lethal illness.
Among the sexually transmitted agents of serious illness, it is also necessary to mention human papillomavirus (HPV). This virus can cause "just" annoying growths on the skin of the character of warts - condylomates. But it can also be a cause of cancer - cervical cancer or mouth and throat cancer.

Condom and fidelity protect against cancer

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is so widespread in the population that most sexually active women become infected during life. However, the vast majority of them do not cause any harm to the virus. Unfortunately, it does not apply to all infected people. For some virus, it causes such changes in cervical cancer cells to develop cancer.

In the development of cervical cancer, other things also play a role:
Weakening of the immune system (such as the HIV infection just mentioned),
Use of hormonal contraceptives for more than 5 years,
3 and more births.

Of course, the more sexual partners, the more likely the infection is. Therefore, always in case of accidental intercourse, always protect yourself with a barrier contraceptive (condom).

The best thing, however, is to be loyal to your partner. With promiscuity, other risk behaviors, such as excessive alcohol drinking, smoking, drug use, lack of sleep, and generally poor diet are associated. All this can weaken the body, increase susceptibility to infections and, as a result, reduce life.

Source: Cancer Treatment

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