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After a holiday on the bench or How to deal with the beginning of the school year

The summer holiday is slowly coming to an end and the pupils are waiting for a few days to return to the school benches. For the first time there will be a large number of children who visited maternity homes a few weeks ago. How to prepare a schoolboy for a successful return to school? And how to prepare a child for the first time?

Preparing a preschool to enter the first class is really a task worth paying attention to. Many parents may not even be sure that their child has fully grown up to school. For such cases there are school maturity tests that parents with a preschool can undertake in a school counseling facility.

"It is a necessity if they ask for so-called early school attendance, which concerns children who reach the age of six until the first grade. They can use it even if they think they would extend the child's stay for one more year, " explains Andrea Vedral from School My Project, whose educational concept currently operates kindergarten, elementary school and grammar school in Sokolov and Also a primary school in Prague.

A preschool should have acquired basic skills

It is important for preschoolers to be fully prepared for entry to the first stage. School maturity is a reflection of the child's overall physical and mental readiness for school education. It is required that the child be able to cope with the change of environment and the people around him, but also with the way of activity where systematic work is organized instead of games. It also changes the role of the child when it begins to fulfill the role of the pupil and carries a certain degree of subordination to the interest of the collective.

The child has to learn how to relish the fun, the tasks and the things to prepare for school regularly. A mature schoolboy must be prepared not only mentally, but also physically and socially. The skills you should master include, for example, knowledge of numbers from 1 to 10, letters in your own name, home addresses or geometric shapes, but also the ability to self-feed, dress or clean up your job.

Do not miss the school, motivate them

For preschoolers and those who return to school benches after two months off, it is true that their parents do not have a vision of upcoming duties to haunt. Self motivation is important for learning and it can be supported in several ways. Each child is different, and so what happens to one person does not have to work with the other.

One way to prepare for a child to return to school is to prepare for the upcoming school. It can be, for example, the purchase of aids that the child can choose for himself with the help of a parent. It does not have to go all the way out, but the free hand in choosing a penny or bag can make the child positively motivated. "Likewise, a child's room or a home-care room can work," adds Andrea Vedralová.

Motivating a child can also help to connect a school with a common life. It can be a family trip at the end of the holidays to a memorial, castle, castle or other important place that the child will be learning at school in a few weeks. Similarly, a simple, home-made experiment can work to increase the interest of a small student in physics, science, or other subject.

It is also good practice to talk to children about school. "This should reflect parental curiosity, not fears that some parents also suffer. While chatting, it is important that child fears and fears are not made easy, but rather help to overcome the offspring, " says Andrea Vedralová, with the fact that a school party with fellow students as well as a holiday holiday will make it easy.

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