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Vintage with the most beautiful view of Prague

Wine lovers should note in the diary on the weekend of 16 and 17 September. In this term, one of the oldest vineyards in Prague will be celebrated with a harvest. St. Vincent's Day Klara will present the wine production of both local and other wineries from Bohemia and Moravia.

In addition to wine and liquorice, you will also be able to taste this year's novelty in the form of three kinds of aromatic varieties harvested in the vineyard of St. Clara. There will also be an accompanying musical program. Listen to the glasses in the hands of folk, typical dulcimer or jazz, both on the vineyard itself and the blooming Ornamental Garden.
The program will run for both weekend days from 10.00 to 19.00.

Charlie Chaplin was undoubtedly right when he claimed that civilized people headed where the wine matured. One of the best grapes in Prague ripens every year on the slopes of the St Vincent vineyard. Clara in Prague-Troja. "Without a vintage celebration, the Botanical Gardens program can no longer be imagined. St. Vincent In addition, Klaar offers a unique panoramic view of the capital, creating an unforgettable atmosphere in connection with quality wine, which hundreds of visitors do not miss every year, "he said . Clary Bohumil Černý, responsible for the management of the Botanical Garden in Prague. M. Prague. Wine lovers will taste both the offer of the local vineyard and the wines of other winemakers from Bohemia and Moravia.

Champion from the local vineyard

Wines from the St Vincent. Clara regularly receive awards in competitions not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. They prove that it is also possible to produce high-quality wines in Prague. Visitors to the vintage should not miss the local champions, namely the Rulandské blue rosé 2016, winners of the category of rose wines and klatty in the National Wine Competition for the Bohemia wine region 2017, and Rulandské Blue - a selection of grapes 2012, winners of the category of red dry and semi-dry wines At the King of Wine Competition 2016.

It will be enough

Of course, the lovers of the traditional shepherd come to their own. "Last year it sold 1200 liters during the vintage. This year, too. The offer will be traditional, ie both white and red burr from Müller Thürgau, White Carp and Blue Portugal, " said Martin Beránek, a curator of the St. Martin's vineyard. Clara.

New - peppermint

This year, she added the offer of Vinotheque St. Clara limited edition three varieties of rosemary. "Matolins are moldings obtained from the processing of grapes. We subsequently re-hydrated with the rest of the grape must and the resulting mixture was dusted, molded and fired. We use a process that is essentially the same as that of the Italian Grappa. But we can not use this name because it is a protected designation of origin, " says Martin Beránek. And he adds: "For this processing, we chose the most variegated and most aromatic varieties. Our intention was to try out how the individual spirits will be different in flavor and taste. That's what visitors can judge not only during the vintage. " It should be noted, however, that this is a limited edition: on average, only 130 bottles were produced in each of the three varieties: Rulandské šedé, Tramín červený and Mškát moravský.

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