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7 unusual fitness sports in the pool

Regular movement is one of the main pillars of a healthy lifestyle because it demonstrably benefits the human body. But heat and temperatures high above thirty, but physical activity rather limit. How do we move in such weather? Experience sports that you can run directly from the pool. We bring you seven tips for health-conscious activities, and you can cool down with them.

Sports in the aquatic environment has its specific features, which is a very popular opportunity to stretch the body and improve physical fitness today. The water has up to 800 times the density of the air and creates a 12 times more resistance in it that naturally acts against our movement. As a result, exercises are more intense, we release more energy, and we reduce body weight more easily. We move the whole body in the water, so we develop the muscles evenly. A buoyancy force is also exerted on the entire surface of the body, which lightens us. We do not overload the joints and the locomotive apparatus while protecting against the risk of injury, so water training is also suitable for older age groups or people with physical limitations.

Tip # 1: Aqua aerobics

The popular form of aqua exercise today is aqua aerobics, with which we strengthen endurance, learn to keep the body properly and coordinate movement, increase lung capacity and improve breathing. All of this, accompanied by rhythmic music. Unlike other forms of aerobics, the human body does not touch the water in any way. Aqua aerobics is also suitable for individuals who suffer from joint pain or spinal problems. In water aerobics, different exercise aids, techniques, and water depths can be used. It can also be run outdoors in the indoor pool.

Tip # 2: Aqua gymnastics

Aqua gym or water gymnastics is another popular form of fitness exercise in the pool. This type of sport uses exercise features common to terrestrial gymnastics, transmits them to the water and enriches them with basic swimming skills. Aqua gymnastics supports motion development, coordination of different body parts and balance, and enhances the ability of graceful movement. It is less physically challenging than aqua aerobics, which focuses on strengthening body, endurance and physical fitness, so people with health restrictions, pregnant women and senior citizens can also afford it. They usually practice in the pool with the level to the level of the chest. "Aqua gym is especially popular for its complexity. Even in a short while, a person stretches and strengthens the whole body and can even swim in the water. In addition, Aqua Gym lessons can be varied according to the mood of trainees. This is one of the most challenging endeavors, and more dance elements can be added for the second time, " explains Blanka Marková (Aqualand Moravia).

Tip # 3: Aqua jogging

Running has become a phenomenon of today, so why not enjoy it in the water? Aqua jogging originally originated as a rehabilitation technique for patients after an accident. Running in water saves movement and is also suitable for people who, for some reason, for example because of an injury, serious illness or overweight, can not afford to run on a hard surface. Thanks to the water's lightening, people are lightly reflecting from the bottom of the pool, and the subsequent impact does not cause an impact like normal running. To increase the intensity, we can then use special weights with weights. These increase the stress of exercise, but do not burden the joints, hips or ligaments. An interesting, though very demanding experience, is then running with the weight of the bottom of the deep pool.

Tip # 4: Aqua Yoga

The water variant also has yoga. Instead of exercising on land, it changes some of the exercises and includes alternatives to the positions commonly performed on the mat. Muscles are more relaxed in aqua yoga, so we usually feel more comfortable, concentrate more on exercise and stretch the body with less difficulty. Thanks to this, people with physical limitations for whom terrestrial yoga is not suitable can be practiced in water. "The aqua yoga pool should have a temperature of 29 to 32 ° C to keep the muscles warm and relax. At lower water temperatures there is a risk of muscle shrinkage, cramping and possible injury, " recommends Blanka Marková.

Tip # 5: Aqua spinning

This variant of water exercise in our country is not so well known or widespread, but it has already won a number of supporters in the world. Aqua spinning or aqua cycling transfers regular spinning techniques including swimming pool facilities. The bike trainer is designed for the needs of water strengthening, its part is not a wheel and the frame is finer. It is completely submerged in the water, while the upper half of the body remains above the surface. Water resistance intensifies pedaling, thanks to its rotation also naturally massage the muscles of the lower limbs. Unlike spinning on land, you do not feel tired, so you can concentrate more on exercise. Aqua spinning also has a beneficial effect on the heart and lungs and promotes healthy weight loss.

Tip # 6: Floatfit

A remarkable aquatic fitness activity is the so-called floatfit that combines the exercise, boso, TRX, or cross-training exercises and is carried out on special pads floating on the surface of the pool. This is a very demanding but more effective exercise. It improves body stability, engages all muscles, promotes flexibility and strength. In addition, it is accompanied by fun because maintaining some dynamic exercises on the mat is almost unrealistic.

Tip # 7: Aqua combat

Aerobic activities run in the pool also include aqua combat, ie boxing in water. This, like Aqua Aerobics, combines with dynamic music and uses basic boxing features. Practitioners are sometimes equipped with special boxing gloves adapted to the aquatic environment. Exercise focuses on self defense, but it also supports weight reduction, body firming and relaxation of the psychic tension after all-day exertion. Water in combination with explosive movement also improves cardiovascular and respiratory functions of the body.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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