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Svěrákovice Strniště is the most visited film of the weekend

The sixth film Tandem Svěrák & Svěrák called Stoštní bos was sold out in pre-premiere performances in selected cinemas. From the official cinema release on Thursday, the program has added 206 cinemas to the program for the first weekend!

Expectations were fulfilled and 134.044 spectators saw the stomping of bos Jan and Zdeněk Svěrák with yesterday's day including the pre-premiere. Since the premiere, Thursday to Sunday, including 120,996 spectators. (Traffic is included, including single-channel cinemas by the Bioscop distributor, which UFD does not count.)
"We are happy. The film has been in the cinema for only a few days, and some viewers have already seen it twice, for example. And he reports to us that they enjoyed it for the second time even more than for the first time. That would please every creator! " Said Jan Svěrák in response to the results of the visitors.

After stubble bos is a lyrical film about childhood and heroism in each of us and concludes the thematic tetralogy of father and son Svěrák's creation - tetralogy of one generation. "When you put the four films (General School, Kolja, Return Bottles and Po Storm Boss), you can observe a great part of our history in the twentieth century on the background of a hero's fate," explained Jan Svěrák, who plays the main roles of parents The hero Edy was occupied by Tereza Voříšková and Ondřej Vetchý . The audience will also see Jana Třísek, Oldřich Kaiser, Petr Špalková, Hynek Čermák and Zdeněk Svěrák himself. Little Edu plays a child's actor Alois Grec .

About the movie

Edu Součka, his mom and dad are already known from the movie General School. Now, however, we are in the Protectorate when the eight-year-old Edy family is forced to move from Prague to the countryside to relatives.
The little town where the boy has only spent his holidays is now his home. The young urban family must adapt to the new environment and cohabitation with one another, including a very strict grandfather.
Eda has a difficult task ahead of him. Find and defend your place in the local Kluk party, whose world is totally different from its urban. There is a way for him to seek courage, but also for the unexpected family secrets that go to the surface. The world of children and adults converges in the search for courage and heroism. Even in difficult days of war it may be harder to show courage to your own family.

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