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Prague Zoo: Day full of ecology and games. Collecting old mobiles will support gorillas

A trip to the Prague Zoo will be a unique experience for all visitors on Saturday, August 26th. Visiting the site can help protect endangered gorillas, but also to humiliate the record. Just take an old unused cell phone or tablet with you. They will be gathered at the zoo during a REMA training day. The proceeds from the collected instruments will pop up to support lowland gorillas.

The goal of the action is not only to collect phones and tablets. Visitors of all ages want to approach the issue of electrical waste in a playful way too. Interested people can enjoy competitions and interesting activities on several sites.

According to current statistics, the average Czech family owns 10 old electrical appliances, who often do not know how to handle them. REMA, in cooperation with the Prague Zoo, decided to draw attention to this problem in an unconventional way. "Czechs are changing mobile phones on average every two years. Old appliances often do not throw away, but in most cases they are stacked at home. These nonfunctional devices can still help. For each cell phone, 10 crowns to support gorillas in the Dja Cameroon reservation, which we support together with Prague Zoo, " explains the importance of REMA's David Vandrovec. The organizers of the event also think about humiliating the record. "In the Czech Republic, at the Prague Zoo in the middle of two weeks we collect 150 old mobile phones and tablets on average, which is exactly what we would like to overcome in the whole zoo event," adds Vandrovec. REMA will then take care of the ecological processing of the surrendered phones, so visitors will actively contribute to protecting the environment.

The whole event also has an additional dimension according to the organizers. It will familiarize you with the issues of sorting and ecological waste processing, for which four competition sites will be identified. There are ecological quizzes, practical examples of waste sorting, as well as sports activities and bouncy castle. In addition, TrashMade's workshop will try out how seemingly unusable waste materials can be used in everyday life.

Even the interesting rewards of visitors to the Prague zoo are not the last Saturday of August. Anyone who passes all the habitats will get a small gift. Those who contribute to the collection by a retired mobile or tablet can then compete for 10 free tickets to the Prague Zoo. "We have been trying for years to protect endangered animal species right in their homeland. Mobile phones and tablets contain rare elements of niobium and tantalum, whose ores are extracted in the form of ore coltan in central Africa, where gorillas live. So, the more we gather the more retired phones, the greater part of the gorilla forest will be saved, " says Monika Urbanová from the Prague Zoo.

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