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The Right Choices Policy for Children

It is a holiday and it is high time for your schoolgirl to get a briefcase. If you have not done so yet, we are bringing you several counsels of the Rehabilitation Institute of Brandýs nad Orlicí MUDr. Michaela Tomanová. It explains the reasons why choosing a baby briefcase is so important.

By what factors to choose

The weight of the briefcase itself is very important. She should weigh as little as possible. If you have a smaller baby, choose the lightest briefcase that weighs between 700 and 800 g. It is important for the bag to have a firm, anatomically shaped back. It will contribute to better body posture. It should also have a wide, padded straps that can be adjusted. At the same time, a sufficiently rigid structure with a reinforced bottom is required. The bag holds well not only on the back of the baby, but also when carrying and laying. Safety reflective elements are also suitable. When choosing I do not recommend buying a bag over the internet.

How do you know that a briefcase sits well?

Absolute necessity is a solid, anatomically shaped back. This must be firmly attached to the entire back of the child. Choose a backpack with wide shoulder straps to stretch the weight of the briefcase to the larger back, but at the same time should not overlap the shoulder so that it does not slip out of the shoulders. The briefcase should be further equipped with a thorax and lumbar strap to sit on the back as best as possible. When properly adjusted, the straps should not be slanted and the lower part of the briefcase should fit tightly against the lower back, that is, in the lumbar region, and the briefcase should be placed symmetrically in the center of the back. Definitely do not buy a schoolgirl too big a briefcase in an effort to save. Such a briefcase will not adapt to its height and shape and will not fit properly on its back.

Ideal weight for briefcase

There is currently no norm to set the maximum permissible weight for a packed school briefcase. Every child is different. Some children are rather minor, and it is especially important to keep an eye on the overall weight of the briefcase. If it seems to you that the baby under the weight of the briefcase, even when properly adjusted, is bending back or bending forward, it may be that the briefcase is really too heavy for him. However, this situation should not happen at all. Always make sure that your baby wears in the briefcase just the most necessary thing he really needs on a given day. Some textbooks can be left at school. Or, you can try other tips for lightening your school briefcase. For example, just take a bottle of water to the baby and fill it with water at school.

The health consequences of too heavy a briefcase

Due to overloading, the child may experience headaches, spine but also scoliosis. If the child is already suffering from these health problems, an inadequate or too heavy school kit will encourage the development of these complications. If children have backache already in their childhood, they are very likely to be tired even in their adulthood.

Suitable layout of the briefcase

It is also important to keep an eye on how the child is in a briefcase. Heavier items such as books are put in a pocket that is as close to the back as possible. This way, the weight of books is more transmitted to the body and the spine is at least relieved. It follows that the briefcase should have at least two pockets. An advantage is the already mentioned solid bottom and a solid construction that maintains the right shape of the briefcase.

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