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Unique Ride: Brothers Eben and Robet Christian & Second Grass

A unique two-concert will be at the very end of the holiday at the Castle Riding School in Český Krumlov.

The Eben brothers return to Cesky Krumlov after two years. Serving will be exactly what they are famous for: sophisticated folk-rock with polished lyrics that overflow with beautiful puns.

Stage Race Stage will be in a unique symbiosis with Robert Christian & Second Grass , a well-known bluegrass band founded in 1991 by the songwriter, singer and guitarist Robert Christian and banjist Luboš Malin.

After separate performances of both groups, visitors can enjoy the joint finale of all the musicians on one stage.

The Eben brothers , sons of composer Peter Eben and his nephew Ilja Hurnik, actually do not belong to any music stream. The combination of Mark's guitar, Kryštof's piano and flutes, David's clarinet and soprano saxophone creates a unique ebony sound, enriched by other instruments. Already in the late seventies, when Ebeni ​​entered the scene, the influences of classic, folk, rock and jazz and elements of refined musical humor intertwined in their music.

Robert Křesťan (* September 16, 1958, Počátky, district Pelhřimov) is a Czech singer, mandolinist, composer and translator. He played in the bluegrass groups Traperes and Pilgrims and currently plays in the bluegrass band The Second Grass with Luboš Malina. He is often a guest at a number of major concerts.

The concert promises an unrepeatable evening filled with the concert of great music, with the poetic poetry of the two main characters. It will be one of the highlights of the musical summer in Český Krumlov, experience a unique ride!

The organizer of the concert is the Vlašský dvůr Český Krumlov sro, the concert partner is Český Krumlov.


When: 3.9.2017, 19:30
Where: Castle Riding School, Český Krumlov

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