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Expert Comment: The difference in food quality is the price policy of large strings

The case concerning the difference in food quality in the Czech Republic and in the neighboring countries has only pointed to a phenomenon that has been present in the Czech environment for twenty years. Its main cause is the effort of the retail chains to squeeze food prices as low as possible. Manufacturers are subject to this, which results in product quality.

In the Czech Republic, in recent weeks, there is a resonance about the difference in food quality in the Czech Republic compared to the rest of the world. However, this is not a new phenomenon. To a greater or lesser extent it can be encountered since the mid-1990s, when foreign trade chains entered the Czech market. In order to get as many customers as possible, they try to attract the lowest prices.

That's why the final quality of some foods is ultimately lower than in the neighboring countries. The demand for strings at the lowest cost is being met by multinationals and, together with cost reductions, the quality of the final product is decreasing. Some of the producers try to defend this phenomenon with the specific tastes of Czech consumers. Although it is possible for Czechs to prefer some tastes and some less, it is definitely not related to the worse quality of the product.

There is no support for Czech producers and distributors

The discussed phenomenon is significantly less present on the independent food market, which is preferred by the Czech producers. This can be demonstrated mainly in sausages and dairy products, which make up about 35% of all food sales. On the part of the state, however, there is no support for Czech distributors, who are interested in selling Czech products. Instead, the government goes hand in hand with foreign chains that are not loyal to the Czech Republic and whose profits in the finals end abroad.

Therefore, the state is missing support for all chain members of the Czech manufacturer - the Czech distributor - the Czech dealer. This, together with a complete change in the whole food distribution system, would eliminate the possibility of lower quality food in the Czech Republic. So far, no one wanted to hear about such changes. So if a recent initiative by the Ministry of Agriculture opens up debates on this topic, it would be the first step for the better.

Author of the commentary: Roman Mazák, Chairman of the CBA CZ Team
Source: tz, edited editorially

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