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Bombarder 3FO3: At home rascal and at concert slujňák ... or vice versa.

Just chords, just the text and 19 hitmen of the band Bombardier. Musketeers of the Czech musical scene have been slashed by a tinge of tones, cardinal melodies, royal harmonies and have a new album 3FO3. Band Bombarder convinces everyone that there is no difference between songs for children and adults.

Whether you're obsessed with folk or punk, sketch or leg, you'll find a perfectly balanced mix of musical styles on the album. All this with the indispensable ease of spiced lyrics by Jirka Jelínek, which glosses the world of parents and children.

The new Bombardian album is called 3FO3 . Jiří Jelínek says, "The truth is that we are actually four, but three of them were four! The name 3FO3 has aspired to the name of our first album. We even wondered if our band should be named. Another of the possible names of the band was Herodes. " Matěj Pospíšil now joined the singer and author of the lyrics of Jirka Jelínek, bass player Filip Nebrenský and Michal Dalecký. And as Jirka Jelínek confirms, the roles are now clear: "Michal is d'Artagnan, Filip Porthos, Matthew Athos and I am the most beautiful AraMISS."

None of their concerts are the same, but every performance is amazing. As well as the Bombardier's recordings. The first album in 2013 was called BomBarďák's Písničky, followed by Píp in 2015, and after another two years there is a 3FO3 recording. Michal confirms that the songs are easy in this part: "Everything is simple with the guys. The hardest thing is to talk with others when we make the new song for the rehearsal. So we try new things just before the concert and we play them. " Jirka Jelínek adds a rule that applies to all the songs: " We do not have any coats. The only criterion is that the boys also enjoy it. "


The Bombardian band plays their concerts in almost acoustic cast, but great folk-bombers are far from being. Michal said, "I think we are a folk band but so punk that we do not want to play Country Radio." And Matěj adds: "Folková a la la punk." This connection is carried on the whole record. Funny and bold songs that will delight both fans of the previous two Bombardier playlists, as well as all children and parents who like to laugh and dance.

Special concerts to release the album
26.11. Brno - Café Threshold
28.11. Prague - Minor Theater

Source: tz, edited editorially

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