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Media and Terrorism in Svanadak: The Lost Honor of Catherine Blum

The current novelty of Švandovo Theater in Smíchov is shining on the media and terrorists as described by German giant Heinrich Böll in the 1970s. The production The Lost Honor of Catherine Blum in the Chamber Studio is being prepared by director David Šiktanc in the Czech premiere.

The world-famous 1974 novel, dealing with fragile human privacy and the deadly effects of disinformation articles, will be seen for the first time on Nov. 11, 2017, at Švandy.
Kateřina plays Marie Štípková, a new poster of the Smíchov scene.

The story of the main heroine describes the merciless media hunt and lynch, to which this modest and dear girl is exposed. Catherine met several days ago at a party with a young man who escaped from the army and was suspected of terrorism. A young woman starts investigating the police, and the tabloid is picking up the case. Articles and reports give her everything possible, including involvement in terrorist actions. "The pressures of the police and the media are steadily increasing, there is practically none of the areas of her life, including the past, which they would leave alone, so Katerina has nothing left to do but to defend herself. And the best defense is an attack, "says dramaturge Martin Kinsky . The whole story is concentrated in just four days, in which, among other things, a long concealed connection ...

Who's the terrorist here?

The director, as well as the author of the theater script, David Šiktanc, perceives Böll's document as still up to date and urgent. And especially now, in the times of the elections and the political changes that we and all of Europe are going through. "In a situation where the top politician - and the likely future prime minister of the country - actually controls the leading media house, and one of the senators owns a majority stake in the most influential disinformation site, I see Catherine Blum's story as a commentary on what seems to be key: actually the information that is disseminated in the public space and how they affect us, " says the director, according to which the game also tells how sometimes it is enough to manipulate the reality and use the inevitable fear and under that excuse to get rid of all the uncomfortable ...

Marie as Catherine

In the title role of Catherine Blum, a new member of the ensemble of the Švandovo Theater, Marie Štípková, will be presented . An outstanding young actress, holder of the Theatrical Critics Prize (formerly Alfred Radok Award) for 2015, recently highlighted herself, for example, with her performance in the film 8 Madness Minds. Her actors will be Alena Štréblová (in the role of Trudy Blornová), Robert Jašków (in the role of Hubert Blorn and the investigator Ervín Beizmenny) and Tomáš Petřík (as journalist Werner Tötges and Alois Sträubleder).
For David Šiktance, Lost Honor Kateřina Blumová in Švanda's Theater is already his fourth director on this scene. A collaboration on the art scene, using both the design and the atmosphere of the 1970s, was directed by Jan Štěpánek (scene) and Julian Kvíčalová (costumes). Music for the production was created by Ondřej Švandrlík .

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