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Family Jam: The whole family of Mishiks in one podium

Legend of Czech Rock Vladimír Mišík, his wife Eva and two sons Maťo and Adam will meet on one stage as part of the new Family Jam concert cycle, which will be brought to the stage of the famous music family. This first music meeting will take place at the Lucerna Music Bar in Prague on Monday, October 16, 2017, from 19:00.

During the evening, the daughter of Vladimír Mišík, Bára , will be introduced. In addition to Mišík's permanent partners from the Etc group ... he will also sing the youngest son Adam with this band, Gingerhead, the band in which Maťo Mišík and E + Mausy, the band sings with Eva Mišíková. She is not only a great mother of a branched family, but also a respected poet, also a translator, teacher, singer, and last but not least, a co-initiator of this concert titled " Let me sing Mišíky . The name of the event is a playful reference to the famous handwritten inscription on the wall, which appeared repeatedly in Prague in 1983, when Vladimír Mišík was banned from the communist regime in public.

"Eve has talked about such a thing for a long time, but our friend and manager, Simon Kotek, came up with a particular idea. He even got a direct assignment on our performance at the Blues Alive Festival in Sumperk. This was the main impulse and we nodded, " explains the circumstances of the family meeting Vladimír Mišík in an interview for Rock & All magazine. His energetic consort then adds: "Such a smaller family project arose five years ago when Vláďa was 65th of his birthday. At that time, the three children gave him the song Sugar Mystery as a present and together they all met on one stage. When I started singing with E + Mausay recently, I thought that when we all officially sing all now, something could be done. "

Evening, which will not lack humor or insight, but mostly songs and music across generations, will begin at the Lucerna Music Bar in Prague on Monday, October 16, 2017, from 7 pm

Vladimír Mišík has been one of the most outstanding personalities of Czech popular music since the 1960s. His work has influenced many artists from a musical, visual or literary environment. He has gone through a number of key bands in the history of Czech rock. With Blue Effect he recorded the song The Sunny Tomb, which was played in the film Pelíšky, went through the band The Matadors , and since 1974 she has performed with Etc ... with many personal changes and a two-year ban on activity in the 1980s. To date, the band has released 10 terrain albums, a number of compilations, and a DVD for Vladimír Mišík's 60th birthday. In 2014, the band celebrated the 40th anniversary of its existence with a successful tour with many guests. This year, Vladimír Mišík celebrated his 70th birthday, the documentary of director Jitka Němcová was premiered on his birthday. Let Mišík sing , thanks to which he was able to find his close relatives in the USA, of which he had no idea until then. She is currently performing and working with the band to prepare a new album.

"Maťo" Mišík is an artist, musician, graphic designer, sculptor, cartoonist, guitarist and composer.
Currently his main musical activity is the band Gingerhead. He previously collaborated with Panic and Tata Bojs, among others. He has achieved great reputation as an artist, he is the author of a number of album covers of various musicians, he designs logos and is the author of unique designs. His original features include Richard Fortus from the Guns N'Roses band.

Adam Mišík is an actor and singer with great future and talent. He first recorded the ColorLinks frontman of the band in 2008, his first film role at the age of seven in Jan Hřebejka's Kraska in Trouble. Colorblinds performed at the Rock for People festivals, the United Islands of Prague, or the great memorial concert dedicated to Václav Havel. In 2013, Slavík won the discovery of the year and set off on a solo track. The debut album Perfume was released in 2014. She has played a number of roles in film, theater and dubbing. Adam has earned a lot of new fans by participating in a television musical-entertainment show. Still, it is still looking for style, but we will undoubtedly hear about it in the future. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

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