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Ten of the fine apple cider

For the fall of autumn, it is not just the coloring of leaves in yellowish, brownish and reddish tones, but also the season of apple peppers. The term "must" is commonly used, but is it a term from Czech legislation? What should be the color, the taste and the smell? Where do you store it and how do you know the quality? The guideline for you can be, among other things, the brand of quality (Classic, Regional Food, etc.).

Grape or juice?

Both are well known, but according to Czech legislation, these types of drinks are referred to as "fruit juice" . The terms "juice", "juice", "100%", "100%" or "must" can also be used to describe "fruit juice " .
"The term" fruit juice "can be a fermentable but still unfermented product obtained from edible portions of ripe, healthy, fresh, chilled or frozen fruit. The color, smell and taste depend on the used fruit, " explains Štěpán Chárová, CEO at Bohemia Apple.

What kind of fruit drinks do we have in our country?

Fruit Juice - This is 100% must and juice. They are either molded directly from the fruit or are made from a concentrate, but this must be clearly stated on the package. Juices
from the concentrate we usually find in boxes or plastic bottles. Musts are usually bottled in glass bottles, boxes or special plastic bags in boxes (bag-in-boxes). They are softer than classic juices.
Nectar - the fruit content contained in them ranges from 25-50% depending on the type of fruit used. In the case of apple cider, the fruit must be at least 50%. The juice is diluted with water, possibly added to it.
Fruit drink - it is a soft drink flavored with fruit juice or fruit juice from the concentrate. Do not be fooled by the big pictures of the fruit on the packaging - the content of the fruit component can sometimes be very low and in addition, fruit drinks can contain flavors to boost the taste of the fruit.

Quality of raw materials

"The apples to be processed must not be affected by the fungus, the presence of which is indicated by mycotoxin patulin. The legislative limit is set at 50 micrograms - one millionth of a gram - per kilogram for adults. Apples must be washed with water before production, " says Štěpán Chára from Bohemia Apple for the Quality Academy website.

How do apples work?

The basis of the must is to obtain apple juice by pressing. This is usually pasteurized.
"It's not about adding any chemicals, but about warming up for a certain time to a certain temperature to ward off pathogenic (unwanted) microorganisms while ensuring longer shelf life. Other major modifications are no longer being done, " explains Štěpán Chára for the Quality Academy website.

Taste, smell, color, cloudiness of apple juice

The characteristic features of apple juices such as flavor, flavor or color are influenced by both the quality and variety of apples used, as well as the technological processing.
"If you feel the fermentation of the beverage or possibly the mold, it is a bad technological process. Such products should not appear on the market at all. The cloudy apple juice is not a sign of poor quality, but it signals the way of the production process. These are non-filtered juices containing sediment, which is not a defect, "says the expert.
An interesting indicator of fruit juice quality evaluation is the so-called aroma index . It is based on the measurement of the quantity and profile of the aromatic substances present. What does his value tell us? How much "apple" smelled of grated apples. The higher the number, the better. Aroma index can only be determined by laboratory and sensory evaluation.

Ideal packages for musts

As with other products, there are a variety of variants in which apple juice can be delivered. Freshly squeezed musts with a short shelf-life can be put into PET bottles. Other apple juices can be purchased in glass, Tetra Pak or bag-in-boxes (special plastic bags in boxes).

How to store

Keep apple fruit juice cool and dry. Do not expose it to direct sunlight or high temperatures. Storage of musts is closely related to the issue of shelf-life. It depends on the method of treatment and the type of packaging. Apple juice packaged in bag-in-box or Tetra Pak and have been pasteurized, have a shelf life of up to 6 months from the date of manufacture. For storage purposes after opening the package, it is necessary to observe the information given on the product packaging, where the manufacturer informs the consumer of the specific conditions of disposal.

Labels for fruit juices

Fruit juice labels must meet the requirements of applicable legislation.
'Labeling shall include, inter alia, the name of the product and its composition. A table of nutritional values ​​for the product is also usually given. If the product has been pasteurized, this information must be given on the product. Also, the content of the individual ingredients must not be missing - for mixed juices, the ratios of each species, eg 50% apple juice and 50% pear juice. And what really is necessary? Whether it's juice from concentrate or pure fruit juice, "says Chara.

Which varieties are more in must and what to eat?

In the Czech Republic, both varieties grown in our country (eg Rubin, Champion or Topaz) and foreign varieties (such as Golden Delicious, Idared, Jonagold or Gala) are grown. Czech varieties are more available to farmers or markets, while business chains dominate foreign varieties, due to the international character of these chains. In some countries, such as France or Germany, consumers are informed about the purpose for which apple varieties are appropriate when purchasing information boards. Various countries also sell varieties directly intended for processing (eg Canadian renza, Boskoopska).
"We are looking for all varieties from Gala through Golden Delicious, Red Delicious to Idared. In the Czech Republic, we use apples that do not comply with the legislative parameters for the sale of fresh apples. These are, for example, apples that are not of the right size or shape, and customers would not buy them, " explains Štěpán Chára for Aklademii

Quality assortment will help with selection

On the packaging of some products - not just fruit juices - you may have registered different brands with a quality label. The most famous brands are Klasa and Regional Food. In order for the product to obtain this designation, it must meet the demanding criteria for its quality. The KLASA brand is a prestigious award that deserves the most honest and top quality products. Green logo Regional food on consumer product packaging guarantees that the product and the raw materials used in its production come from domestic production. The product must be produced in the region where the award was made and from the raw materials of the area.

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