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Day of Architecture - 210 events in 67 locations throughout the country

Day of Architecture - 210 events in 67 locations throughout the country From Pilsen to Ostrava, from Liberec to Český Krumlov or Hodonín - Day of Architecture already on the weekend of 30 September and 1.10. invites the general public to a rich program in nearly 70 cities and municipalities all over the Czech Republic: over 200 architects and experts in the roles of guides set up for 210 events.

Commented walks will reveal the forgotten history of the places we pass each day, allowing us to look into the future of cities and their parts and look at their surroundings with new eyes. Participants will be able to explore mysterious and neglected buildings, discover the incomparable architectural gems closer to the public, and look into the guts of state-of-the-art buildings that make up the present face of the metropolis. A number of walks throughout the country will also lead the nominated objects at this year's Czech Architecture Prize. The program includes flights and excursions, tours, cruises, cycling tours, conferences and film screenings - most of the program is free again for the public.

This year's subtitle of the festival "Water, Humans, Towns" comes as the main theme of the program. For example, interested parties can learn more about the architecture and buildings of the Prague waterfront and the lining, a unique experience offering boat trips along the Vltava river and chambers between Lanna shipyard and Hluboka nad Vltavou, all lovers of water and architecture will enjoy the opportunity to see the unique Water House in Hulice. Interesting information from history, urbanism and industrial romance will offer a walk with the distinctive name of Vodama industrial Brnama.

They will focus on industrial architecture in the north of Bohemia, where they will follow the footsteps of the textile giants of the Priebsch families in Smržovka and the Wolfs in Tanvald. Ostrava, after the unique area of ​​Dolní Vítkovice and Jihlava, will open the gates of the former cereal warehouse from the 1920s. In Nova Pace will be admired functionalism, České Budějovice will show that even the socialist architecture can be a good one, and Zlín will offer a trip after sacral architecture.
Walks or lectures will take place in some places from September 28 until October 5.
Most of the events in the day of architecture are accessible free of charge, except for the unique Steamship trips for architecture in Prague and sightseeing and tandem flights in Žďár nad Sázavou.

The detailed program of the National Festival 2017 Architecture Day in individual cities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia is available on the Festival website .

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