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Director Marek Najbrt made a fairy tale The Devil's Bread

The last weekend was the new flame of the new Czech fairy tale Devil Witch, directed by Marek Najbrt. Judit Bárdos and Jan Cina, Lucifer plays Ondřej Vetchý, Jana Budař, Mark Daniel, Jan Plodková, Tomáš Jeřábek or Václav Kopta will play in the following roles.

"I would like to wish this fairy tale to be among the ones on which we grew up and which we loved and we have in our lifetime," says actor Ondřej Vetchý.

The infallible devil's quill, which gave the name of the fairy tale, writes in hell fairly human sins. One day, however, the devil's quilt for Pytlov, in the hellish branch of Pervidle, will cease to work. Lucifer will entrust the delivery of a new devil's quill to the young devil Boniface's branch to blow the world. Bonifác goes to Pytlova, and his first experience is that the local chessman will steal his magic queen. This is a series of events where Pytlov dominates the local cunning, losers and scammers, who eventually manage to imprison the hell ruler himself. He is at Boniface to find the best qualities in himself and free Pytlov, Lucifer also got the heart of the beautiful Markéta.

The author's trio of screenwriters Robert Geisler, Tomáš Hodan and director Mark Najbrt, which is signed, for example, under the cult sitcom of Blaník's Office, has gone to another genre this time. "It's critical for me to like the script, and that's what happened in this case," says the director, with the fact that he is the father of two sons, and therefore the opportunity to make a fairytale was tempting for him. In addition, the hell in their submission is completely different from the fabulous fantasy ideas. Hell from the fairy tale Devil's quill is an office. "In our story, there is a central hell with Lucifer and other stings, which are some detached workplaces, like you have a police station in a small town, and this has been the cause of solving sinners in a given district," explains the director's hell.

For film fairytale scenes, filmmakers went to attractive locations. One of them was the former kaolin mine in Nevřeni, which was first made available for film shooting. "Working in Nevřeni was really an experience because we were rolling in the underground, in a beautiful place, but it was very demanding, because of the space we had to be under the supervision of the mining service to avoid some poisoning, yet the space is not yet ventilated, so it was a great adventure, " remembers Marek Najbrt.

It was also rotated in Ledeč nad Sázavou, Chrustenice or Doksany, the last flap then fell in locations in Slovakia.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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